Learning Community

It should be borne in mind that the individual is the essence of any social construction and that the community, before dissolving the individual to strengthen it. We must also be careful not to confuse learning networks that can be valuable technical support, but are not required for the formation of a Learning Community. 12 common principles arise at all levels. These principles are those that extend beyond the quality of education. The quality of education, which focuses mostly on training for the labor market is measured around material production and possession of instruments of support to education is considered helpful in the educational task, but is neither necessary nor sufficient to achieve the integral development of the individual. An education is not complete without spirit.

Each of the principles inherent in the CA is in itself a whole that is targeted for development in the work of RG. The theme of the dialogue is one of the core of his speech, which has occupied the same politicians, writers and thinkers throughout history for example Plato and Socrates in antiquity and today David Bohn. Each gives it some nuances, but in essence is used as a means of communication and reasoning to get closer to subjective reality. Ramon Gallegos takes up the dialogue in his speech to the holistic way to David Bohn, "as a form of communication radically out of the instrumental logic of linear processes and competing values "(Learning Communities, p.144). Bohn, in its proposed Joint Awareness suggests that to solve our common problems should start, not the tree (UNESCO bodies such as domes and government) but by its very roots, because that explores how thoughts are generated and held collectively. .