Committed by means of rail freight services are very economical and sufficient for the transport of large objects provide enormous opportunities. Almost all kinds of freight transport plays in characteristics rail. This allows the rail freight services it offers to be one of the most popular in heavy industry and mining industry. Perpetrated by transport services to shipping. One of the most popular is this form of transport freight. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Donovan Goldman.

Consider the main benefits of the service with freight transport: first, timely and very fast delivery. second, complete control over the load is provided during transport. and third, by a flexible route planning. Fourth, the high cost. More expensive freight transport than by sea, rail or road transport – air freight. But it is also the fastest way to deliver cargo, particularly dangerous or bulky cargo.

Also There are three types of freight services in their range: international transportation, intercity transportation, intercity transportation. In our time the most different activities of companies is not without a very close Cooperation with companies that provide transportation. For many companies, timely, fast, quality, delivery of goods is an important factor affecting the stability and development of this company. The high level of support for the trucking companies is equally important because it is a guarantee of calm and confidence during the transport of goods. So with each passing year the interest and demand for different types of services transportation is growing. The proposed company, trucking services – not just to carry the goods, but also solve problems with customs clearance, to insure the goods carried, shall prepare a complete complex documents and a list of currently or cargo (certificates of conformity, customs declaration, invoice and bill of lading). With service you can offer to companies in the application transportation costs of shipping goods, and other conditions of transportation.

Optimal Selection

On the road with a car can happen any. Car park is constantly growing, and added the number of those who recently got behind the wheel. In most situations the tow truck is needed when a failure of auto. However, often tow is in demand and as a result of the accident, when should I deliver the car to the examination or service. Other, more "exotic" reasons to use tow – Lock the door locks because the keys left in a car or a high degree of intoxication. So, what to do when you're such a trouble has occurred – car refused the most inopportune moment, it is urgently needed evacuation to specialist services in order to "improve their health," or the parking lot, and move independently, it can not? You can contact companies that provide transportation services cars. Self-respecting firm, 90 percent of cases, provide a reliable tow 24×7 – around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

What information is important to tell the dispatcher the company for transportation, so as soon as possible solve the problem? 1) model car – it just helps you understand what will be needed to tow your particular case. 2) The registration number and the color of the vehicle to its success in identifying the location. 3) the completeness of available damages, if you are able to provide. But will address needed transportation, arrival time, a tow truck, your contact information and personal data for communication. For the motorist, please make a tricky situation needs to be fast, accurate and inexpensive evacuation of his car at the desired location. The time of filing, of course, depends on where you are – in Moscow and the Moscow region during the arrival of a tow truck in will largely depend on whether there is a "plug" in the right direction.

It is necessary to consider if you do call a tow truck. The higher transport service exists in the market, the more well-established logistics and, therefore, this The organization has the opportunity to perform more quickly received applications. In the capital, usually served in a tow truck for 1 hour. Question savings vehicle generally will depend on what kind of tow truck used the organization providing these services. Very good in terms of speed, affordable and safe method of loading and unloading of your vehicle immobile – is to use tow truck with a hydraulic platform. Help even in quite difficult situations. Evacuation of the car with the suspension front or rear axle to tow – in this case, unfortunately, begins the uneven distribution of load on the back of the truck, due to irregularities of the pavement may strain the individual elements of the exterior. You have the opportunity, how to maintain your vehicle to your destination on the tow truck, and refuse this by writing letter of attorney to his carriage, giving the vehicle documents and a list of visible damage. Please note that the evacuation of a severe and unusual cases (night call, a simple request of the customer, locking steering, wheels) usually require you to pay for additional services. If you are not the first time using the services first and the same organization, you can count on a discount as a repeat customer.

State Federal Tariff Service

In late 2008, the State Federal Tariff Service on the railroad twice with 0.72 to 0.36 reduced the rates of tariff rates for transportation of cars on Russian railways in the country at a distance of over 1,000 km and up to 3,000 kilometers, inclusive. Now, transfer one unit of commodity machines, in contrast to the transport vehicle transporters in Russia, in-car grid at a distance of 3,000 km would cost AvtoVAZ in 4600 rubles against 9.2 thousand. And so, if still about 95% of all VAZovsoy products for domestic transportation market cars were delivered to Russia transporters, but now because of government subsidies for rail transport of AvtoVAZ and other manufacturers become more profitable. The signed a tripartite agreement, on the one hand, and Russian Railways RZD and RailTransAuto in 2009-2011, will carry up to 400 thousand cars per year Togliatti, against 50 000 VAZ earlier. A maritime transport has little effect and may only be exercised during the navigation season, which significantly limits the ability of transport vehicles for values over time. Most routes run through Baltic Sea in the west of Russia and the South through the Black Sea ports. A supply of cars to Russia in the Asia-Pacific region has complicated the situation of port of the Far East. Imported cars became more and construction of new ports avtoterminaly for their acceptance and handling.

On the other – to export these cars are nothing. JSC "RZD" imposed a ban on transportation of cars in the postal and baggage cars, and specialized transporters catastrophic enough. And since the fall of the market sales of foreign cars in Russia in the first two months of this year, already up 36%. At the same sale in the regions falling more rapidly than in central urban areas. The exception is only the North-West Federal District, where the decline was only 25%.