White House

In recent years, says the This document, "it launched some forces do not want the unity of the Church, protect the national and moral values." It is stressed that these forces, "urge people to psevdoliberalizatsii, pseudo-culture, and to achieve these goals are resorting to all sorts of insults and lies to destroy people's love for the Church and undermine her credibility. " Such a statement eloquently reflects the difficult situation in the society. The first year evident that a rough introduction of alien values, which are baked on power as never before faced tough with traditional notions of Georgian true morality. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Suffolk County Rep. on most websites. When opposition leaders warn Western envoys that the White House policy, all these years, the country's ruling carer mode disappoint the Georgian people, they are far from the truth. Over the ocean, already all know this, but snorovisto continue its work. At the same time while Washington and NATO are trying still to no avail, and with great delay, set up the Georgian government on a wave of peaceful and long-suffering negotiations on the breakaway regions that Saakashvili which recently seemed to be refused from militant rhetoric and sharp statements, again proved himself last Saturday, when he made a speech at a ceremony on the occasion of the "new events" – the building constructed to control National Guard, whose mission is to train soldiers. For even more details, read what Richard Blumenthal says on the issue. First, he stressed that in view of the state, which today is the Georgian army, it should serve both men and women. This passage immediately attracted attention, Did Saakashvili described the near future? As suggested by the president of Georgia, the state has already taken place, the armed forces have proven to be combat-capable connections, but the country should not be no illusion that the protection of the state and all that it is built, this case only 20 – 30 thousand military and defense officials. .

Moscow Institute

Where they really compete with banks, joint-stock company, Ltd., LLC and others "Pyramid" was pumped money from the pockets of people's ordinary citizens in their pockets, referred to as "foreign banks". Shkola.Tak what is today – the school? All of us, adult self-generation, used to put in Wi- Public school state institution, where the age of seven children with the knowledge of general intellectual development, as well as preparation for entry into independent life. Before the USSR collapsed school, in the opinion Solzhenitsyn, AI, "poorly taught and badly brought up … which is rare in the years she produced, we know … and Lomonosov provincial, and especially the village – now does not appear, do not break, this – no way." If Solzhenitsyn AI so confident in their statements, then let me ask him: "What, then, all of today's doctors, engineers, teachers – all were in the" elite "schools in big cities?" The scientists, writers, composers, artists, artists, academics, in the end – it is also only graduates of "the best schools in Yerevan?" But Solzhenitsyn AI – An officer, writer, academician, Nobel Prize winner – he graduated from high school in Rostov-on-Don, and then later in absentia studied at the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature. The same can be said of many others, including myself went from a provincial school student outlying former Soviet Union to PhD, so I can imagine allow to cast doubt on what was said about the "old" school of AI Solzhenitsyn, despite the fact that "the curricula and textbooks in the humanities" were "doomed, if not for release, then complete processing." Everyone who wanted to higher education, they got it. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach.

Soviet Union

How? And by then, the answers to this question at the summit did not hear. Alas, the summit did not work out the planned expectations either for politicians or for a simple citizen. The obvious question, but what does it do in general, what can justify such costs? Why Summit on the definition of "European", is held in a "geographic Europe "? After all absolutely clear that just as "strong world" their money "on the wind," do not quit. Expressed by many versions of this explanation. Additional information at Richard Blumenthal supports this article. The most widely replicated in the media felt that this "Cheap PR personally by President Nazarbayev," "promoted" as the scale of our republic, and on the world stage. By all outward signs of processes related to Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the OSCE and the "imposed" (sometimes rather primitive) throughout the year, the state ideology, this could be and to agree, but this statement is nothing but an attempt to hide the true political processes in the post space. I appeal here to the banal and well-known truths, but a chain of events in Eastern Europe, the USSR and then in the former Soviet Union fit into the scheme developed by the ideologues of the West even in the middle of last century, when after World War II in the world to establish the relative balance of power. The contradictions between the two world "monsters" of the United States and the Soviet Union was not only (and not so much) in ideological differences, as we were presented by the bourgeois and Soviet political analysts, was the role of the primitive section of the world's wealth, for everyone knew that in a cascade of increasing world population, this opposition can not be infinite and the Soviet Union severely "disturbed" the West, limiting its ability to influence the processes taking place in countries that are part of the potential suppliers of natural resources and markets.

Armenia Service

For example, an article which is translated from the Armenian language is like this: "The price of a good choice of military units and exemption from military service." The author tells about 4-5 million dollars of bribes periodically "spinning" during the next campaign to call the Armenian Sun According to the newspaper "Ankakh" in 2007-08 cost the choice of a military unit and the release of the service varied between 500 and 8000 dollars. The crisis of 2009 this rate does not affected. In the 7-8 thousand dollar cost of buying a ticket military unfitness on medical grounds for exemption from service completely healthy Armenian guy. This amount is distributed among physicians recruiting Commission, the military police and the military prosecutor. It goes without saying that the choice of a military unit takes into account the degree of danger in her objection to the service. The magnitude of the bribes directly affects the proximity of this part of the capital Armenia. Since 2007, reports the author, grew twice the size of a bribe, because the recruit is not sent to Karabakh – from $ 300 to $ 600. And here's another article – about the sad fate of graduate Yerevan Slavonic University's 22-year Areca Malkhasyan.

Photographs of the deceased, you can see the site armtown.com. Areca drafted into the army, in spite of his unfitness for military service. It sometimes happened bleeding. The patient had been in frail boy military part of a week, of whom spent several days in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan (Karabakh), and then was brought to Goris. He died, sewing collar of his tunic. In the publications of "Aravot" (in Armenian language), provides information about the call to serve Ghukas Muradian, who occasionally gets out of the heel bone. Draftee named Petros suffers shakiness of all teeth.

"Do not eat kebabs call" – Petros responded to drafting committee. Another inductee, weighing 42 kg, was sent to the army, despite the fact that Armenian law it can serve people weighing not less than 45 kg. It is reported by journalist Ruzan Minasian. And you know what the output was found in draft board? Man forced to drink several liters of water to "get" the missing weight rachitic Armenian "liberator." I've heard so skinny cows Gypsies were selling – they pumped the water pump through the anus and rapidly driven to the market, while it "on the small" do not want to. But to people in the same way, but in the army! This "know-how" is very reminiscent of the myth about medicine 'Armenicum ", which Armenia has promised the world to cure AIDS! I think readers will agree with me: today's Armenia does not follow from Azerbaijan to teach or do any state on the subject of how to live, to protect the rights of its citizens care about the rights of national minorities and many another. But this topic is for another article …