Beatriz Portinari

Antonia became nun with the name of Beatrice Sister It is indicated to us, that was educated in house and that studied Tuscan poetry of Guittone de Arezzo and Bonagiunta Orbicciani. Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke with conviction. Then, the Sicilian School (Sicilian poetic Scuola), a cultural group of Sicily, captivated to Dante. Their centers of took it to interest to know juglares Wins and the Latin culture. Also its devotion was made evident towards Virgilio. In addition it studied the Italian vernacular language, the Latin (the frank language of that time), the Proven1cal one, and in fact it inserted some verses in this language in the Purgatorio. It is necessary to indicate that in the Average Age the fall of the Roman Empire left a dozen of small States, so that Sicily was remote cultural and politically of Tuscan, as this one were it of Wins: the regions did not share the same language nor the same culture and the mass media were difficult. Amazon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. When she was 9 years old found Beatriz Portinari, daughter of Folco Portinari, with which one fell in love at first sight, and apparently without still to have spoken to him. Frequently saw it after the 18 years, often interchanged greetings in the street, but he himself with effectiveness never got to know it proposed the example for the supposed courteous Love well.

It is difficult to understand what this love included/understood in fact, but something extremely important for the Italian culture happened. It was in the name of this love that Dante gave to its impression to the stil Dolce nuovo that would influence to writers and poets to discover the subject of the Love, that before so it had been accentuated never. The love by Beatriz, apparently, was the reason of its poetry and its life, along with its political passions. When Beatriz died in 1290, Dante tried to find a refuge in Latin Literature.

Rights Conferred By The Registry Of The Mark

In accordance with Decision 486 of the DOG (D.486) and the Law of Intellectual Property, (LPI) the right to the exclusive use of a mark is acquired by means of its registry before the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property – IEPI-; thus, in Ecuador it governs an attributive system as far as the sprouting of the right on a mark, because the registry solely grants exclusive rights on the mark in the Ecuadorian territory. Thus, the registry of the mark confers, among others, the right of the holder to use, to enjoy and to have the same; and, additionally the holder of the mark enjoys the right to prohibit on the part of third parties the following activities (155 Art.s D.486 and Art. 217 LPI): The use in the commerce of identical or similar signs to distinguish the same related products or other products or services; The sale, storage or introduction in the product commerce that contains the mark without the due authorization of their holder; The product import or export that contains the registered tradename; Emplar the registered tradename in publicity, commercial publications, documents or written communications; and? All that one use that can be considered analogous or assimilable previously to the described thing Thus, the marcario right looks for to protect the holder of a mark being avoided that third parties are worth of the economic effort that entails to position a mark in the market; and, as well, one looks for to protect the consuming public, so that at the time of choosing the goods or services of his preference it does not see vitiated the will by the concurrence in the market of signs that are not distinguishing to each other or of signs that reproduce registered tradenames without having the same enterprise origin and quality that the mark has to which they reproduce. For this reason, the protection of a mark by means of its registry before the IEPI constitutes dun element fundamental to be able to exert the rights that the communitarian and national legislation in the matter of industrial property confers. It registers your mark, protects your ideas.

Corporative Video

The one of the limitation of space has happened to be a relative concept and protagonist like was not until recently. For this reason every time they are plus the companies that choose to hang corporative videos in their vestibule Web. To all it turns out more comfortable to see real images to us in movement and to listen to a voice that explains the origins, services and motivations to us of a company, before to pass to us than 10 minutes reading more the same text content. In summary, And-Video is a format that multiplies the capacity of communication of our space Web, since in a same vestibule more information and of much more effective way can be transmitted. Additional information at Kenneth Yarrow supports this article. In Audio-visual Factory we considered that the message of And-Video, or corporative video for Web, must be concise, and clear to go to the grain. The internaut is customary to move simultaneously by several pages and to remain in each of them an average of time inferior to the minute, for this reason, if we want to catch its attention, will be necessary to plan the efficiency of our video: creating audio-visual of short duration, that includes the maximum information, that this one is narrated of direct and simple way, and that plays with the images so that they are really attractive.

Another one of the tendencies that begin to prevail between the spaces Web over many companies is the creation of television channels online. The company can have different television channels, organized based on different products or services that offer and, in this way, to become emitter of a information constantly updated, of the news of its sector, new features in its services or until of messages deprived to clients, suppliers or employees. These channels require a continued edition work of contents, when being a video emission practically in direct, and few are still the producers able to give cover to this type of production. In Audio-visual Factory we like to be at your service of the day in audio-visual technology and for that reason we offer the continuous service of edition of audio-visual contents for channels of television online to our clients.

International Architecture

Taking advantage of the update of to their webpage ABIBOO international Architecture is an study with headquarters in Madrid, New York and India. In its newly redesigned website they incorporated Think Tank, to space designed for the exchange of ideas, to live lab conceived for the continuous intellectual exploration of creative ideas that identify the new society of information. Think Tank incorporates to theoretical discussion, open and virtual, about ideas from within the professional and academic practice of ABIBOO Architectures team, along with reviews, interviews and presentations from to diver moment referents in multiple artistic you discipline. ABIBOO Architecture, therefore, opens spaces for others to share ideas and information. The objective that ABIBOO Architecture pursues with this space is to foster multidisciplinary collaborations and to give visibility to the work of passionate people, to whichever to their field of work, enriching AT the same architectural Time all the experience. International This platform seeks to create an community related to the art, technique and innovation that will allow sharing different resources through cascade systems that generate constant flowcharts of knowledge. From ABIBOO Architecture we commit to this way of working and it s applied in all the activities they perform, betting on internationalization, experimentation and the continuous search from different professional perspectives to maintain excellence and positive solutions to the needs of society and in the environment in which it operates. ABIBOO architectural Architecture prograpevines an innovative design which there are always been present in the international architecture that extends from the Inner Design and Furniture, to the Architectural design of many typologies, to the Landscape and Urban Design.

ABIBOO Architecture Incorporates

ABIBOO Architecture is an international study with you soothe in Madrid, New York and India. In his just released page Web it incorporates Think Tank, a space thought for the interchange of ideas, a conceived alive laboratory for the continuous intellectual exploration on creative ideas that they identify the new society of the information. Think Tank, incorporates theoretical, open and virtual a discussion on ideas arisen within the professional and academic practice from the equipment of ABIBOO Architecture, along with opinions, diverse interviews and dissertations of referring of the moment in multiple artistic disciplines. ABIBOO Architecture, therefore, abre their space to other people to share the ideas and the information. The objective that ABIBOO Architecture persecutes with this space of ideas is to foment the multidisciplinary collaborations, as well as to give visibility to the work of enthusiastic people, whatever their scope of work, enriching simultaneously all architectonic experience. This platform thus tries to generate one international community related to the art, the technique and the innovation that allows to share different resources by means of cascade systems which they generate constant flow charts of knowledge. From ABIBOO Architecture bet by this form of work is applied and it in all the activities that carry out, betting by the internationalization, the experimentation and the continuous search from different professional optical to maintain the positive excellence and solutions to the needs of the society and the Environment on which it is acted. ABIBOO Architecture offers innovating an architectonic design, that always has been present in its international architecture that includes from Diseo de Interiores and Mobiliario, happening through Architectonic Diseo of multitude of typologies, until the Urban design and of Landscape..

John Kay Strategy

The strategic planning: That is to say, the selection of the courses of action to follow to reach the intentions. The strategic implementation: The process of preparation of different actions anticipated in the plans. The strategic control: The set of adjustments and corrections to realise during the implementation process to maintain the course correct But that happens with the companies? they know a clearly concept of the strategy? Their leaders that determine daily maneuvering of the organizations, are lost so before a persistent turbulence, changes in the international economy and a threatening growth of a more and more injurious globalisation at world-wide level that is difficult to them to be able to realise an exhaustive strategic analysis of the organization. The strategy not this determining directly by the option that decides the high direction, does not try any more to decide on differentiation or leadership in costs, hybrid strategy or of added value, the same has a complex reach much more As well as on the camp, the strategy is based according to the warlike power that owns a country, the same happens with the companies, the strategy is always based on the resources that the company has and that can to really confront to the goals and lineamientos delineated in the time that creates necessary to be able to reach the wished objective. Notes: In order to study the concepts of strategy in each organization, the book of John Kay, for Foundations corporate success: How business strategies add VALUE, Oxford University Pres. 1993. Several levels of strategies exist: First she is the one that is known like corporative strategy, involves those deciones which they reached all the company, are concentrated generally in the high direction and its main purpose is to create and to maintain a balance of portfolio of businesses. In this level the vision settles down, general mission of the company and policies for the development of the organization.

Corporative Reputation

The period of present crisis that we are living must serve us to do merit to us of all the arms that we arrange to leave ahead and to be able to emphasize against third parties, which requires not only to re-invent, but to review what we are doing and we do since it. It is not easy to reframe the things when they are thought that they are becoming or, or march at least moderately or; but to take care of the image and to take it as one of the main assets of creation of value in the companies is almost to have of forced fulfillment for the model of present market. The corporative reputation, so fashionable now, must be considered from all the possible slopes. It is not only enough to have a good position in a finder or power to go or to the consumers or potentials clients. One of the majors challenges which we faced is the confidence. And which is the paper of marketing against it? We must associate the company to values of confidence, like the security, the sustainability, the tranquillity and the good one for doing, turning it into a competitive advantage. A clean and positive image of the company it can influence of direct and proportional way in the sales. The democratization of the new technologies does not give margin to any class of error in this sense.

The paper of marketing in many occasions has been sold products and services that are offered with the unique purpose of generating yield without perceiving the real image that is passed on or the opinions that spill the users like results of the aggressiveness of the company. It is by that Marketing at the moment tends, and must tender, to focus to generate value and confidence between the social protagonists. All the companies need that exercise self-diagnosis that has like result a re-engineering of the processes and a reframing in the concept of the enterprise communication. udea Security of the Information Ivn Ontan Branches Legal department