Basque Country

The success of this operation would be crucial for the future. Thereafter, Franco’s troops could land a greater number of troops and in late 1936, the landing would be almost total. The Republicans understand that without foreign aid, could not long endure the onslaught of troops better disciplined as those of Franco. However, were hit hard with the refusal of Britain and France to participate, directly or indirectly in the war. Stanley Baldwin, British Prime Minister, he was opposed to any support because, in principle, wanted the war did not extend to other European countries. Leon Blum, French prime minister, also went the same way, obliged to decline because of strong opposition to any aid would be for the country. Blum had to cancel arms sales to Spain and made a new policy: The non-intervention.

a This As further tilted the balance towards the nationalist side. The policy of non-intervention (which folded almost every country in Europe), prevented any kind of help to the Spanish regime, for which virtually remained alone. Meanwhile the war continued. On August 5, 1936 Franco major African forces were ready to start the breakthrough that would lead them to Madrid. The main column, consisting of about 8. 000 men and commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Juan Yague left Seville that day. In less than a week, the brutal and forceful advancement of the national troops conquered Merida (Extremadura and central China) after an aggressive offensive than 300 miles inland.

When they arrive at Badajoz, the struggle becomes even more violent. But the best weapons of the rebels and troops to fight more precise in execution make the difference. By late afternoon of August 15, the victory was complete. Two thousand people are believed to have been killed by the rebels for his ties to Republicans. a Conquered the province of Extremadura, the nationalists are in contact with his troops in the north and the union of them is inevitable. Contact information is here: Steve Rattner. On 3 September, the republican forces had lost the city of Talavera (Toledo province), Irun (Basque Country, bordering France) and Aragon. Government, quite worried, prepared an offensive to the best of their available forces. Missing the South and the North to fall, the fence should prevent nationalist forces them to a fight, a specialist in history, with extensive experience in research on global wars and conflicts.

European Crisis

The European Union is in crisis following the referendum in one of its least populated and Central members rejected his new (the Lisbon Treaty). For the Sun, the best-selling English-language newspaper, the Irish No should serve for the British Conservatives, that now duplicate the ruling labour in the polls, pressed to ensure that United Kingdom approved a referendum to repudiate such a Pact. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sen. Sherrod Brown. The not not only is driven by right-wing nationalist or anti-abortion but by leftists who oppose certain social benefits cut or Democrats who question the fact that the President of the EU will not be directly elected by voters. However, all 27 EU governments endorse the Treaty and want it to be ratified in 26 of these to compel that recoils Ireland. In recent months, Connecticut Senator has been very successful. When in 2001 an Irish referendum rejected the Nice Treaty the EU persuaded this island to ratify this Pact in another query on the grounds that in the single first voted 35% of those enrolled.

More, the current referendum has more legitimacy because There they covered 53% of the Irish. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Donovan Goldman. Other options would be to maintain the status quo seeking to go gradually passing some reforms by consensus. However, the core countries of the EU do not want to stop the March and could agree to reach different levels of unity within the EU or to seek to relegate to Ireland within the EU as a special semi-miembro.

European Environment Agency

Waste and contaminated soil Act was adopted on 6 June by the Congress, where will return to its ratification, after the vote on Wednesday, with 237 votes in favour, 0 against, and two abstentions of 239 senators present. During the debate, both the PP and CiU have expressed their unease by the fact that Bill has been processed by urgent procedure by its volume of amendments and have demanded changes in the system so that legislation of this magnitude and depth – as the popular Senator Jose Valin – can be counted with the negotiation process and enough with the aim of promoting reflection better laws. More than 400 million in the law machines has come down to where I could reach, ensures Domingo Jimenez Beltran, former Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and coordinator of the platform returns, supported, among others, by the Trade Union CCOO and the Confederation of consumers and users. It is not what we would have liked, but given resistances of the economic sector and the pressures that we have received, we believe that it is an important step. We must congratulate the legislator, he said. According to returns, the SDDR has been implanted successfully in countries such as Germany and bears on a significant increase in the management of beverage containers, whose annual marketing, about 51 million, according to its figures, only recycle 30%. The SDDR will end up implementing because the consumer wants it and because it provides common sense.

It rewards the responsible consumer, said Jimenez. Contrary to the draft platform, headed by Ecoembes, Ecovidrio, managers of waste in the GIS, the Spanish Federation of food industries and drinks and the Spanish Confederation of Commerce, denounces the additional cost of the system for trade and industry, which estimated at 465 billion euros. His approach also points to spending that every consumer contributes to the system for the advance payment of the returnable container. In countries in which already operates the SDDR used mechanized tanks delivered to the consumer a receipt by return containers, redeemable for money in establishments or as a credit on the next purchase. For the implementation of the callback and return system, the law dictates the degree of fulfilment of the minimum targets for reuse and recycling established by European directives shall be evaluated beforehand.

Ecoembes-Ecovidrio argue that Spain surpasses those objectives and that already in 2008, according to the latest data of the Ministry of the environment, is recycling the country 59% of containers, index which has increased year after year. Figures for 2008 from the Office of the EU, EUROSTAT, statistics on the treatment of municipal waste, brought to Spain, with 14% of waste recycled, below Germany (48), Belgium (35) and United Kingdom (23) and over Portugal (9) or Italy (11), among others. The Act also provides deadlines for the Elimination of plastic bags for single use, until its reduction by 80% in 2016. Source of the news: the Senate opens the door to retrieve the old containers returns system

Slaypa Warriors

In Slayp played by the ancient Norse warriors – the Vikings. In many naval campaigns helped the game tough and reclusive northern warriors channel the energy into its peaceful course, for the moment, fist fights and forget about the bloody battles. In short, the game could for a while humble violent and dangerous habits of the ancient warriors. Then replaced by a show of force demonstration of the superiority of the mind. But not boredom and idleness forced the Vikings to while away long hours at sea playing Slayp. The game helped the soldiers to fight to hone skills, endurance and precision strikes. On the board for a game of billiards Scandinavian, also called as Slayp, invincible warriors played pictures of upcoming battles destroying the enemy army. Comparison with bloody battles Slaypa somewhere off the coast of northern seas is no accident! The Game is to score a pawn of the enemy in a pocket located at the corners of the table.

Pawns same like the host of the enemy, placed in a row on the opposite side of the table. Such a "balance of forces" like mine before the first hard battle! Not by chance the Vikings spent many hours playing Slayp. But not only severe temper the game, so much like the character of ancient warriors, and not only its practical benefits, not once saved the Vikings in the bloody battles, forced the Northern people to love her. Have another Scandinavian pool, very important quality in the sea. Pawns and bits of Slap not round, as in other types of billiards and flat, resembling a hockey puck.

This form – the undoubted advantage of the sea. Slayp as its first players, not afraid of sea disturbances and storms. Despite the pitching, the rain and bad weather behind, the Vikings continued to fight hard to hone skills in a favorite game.

The Crusade

Immediately, a spectacular wave of religiosity and sense of duty spread for each castle, manor or house, be noble, plebeian, peasant or priest. The explosion of faith motivated in just weeks, thousands of men, women and children, appeared before their owners to participate. Neither the papal recommendation participate only warriors could not stop the waves of volunteers from all over Europe. Entire families, soldiers, mercenaries, opportunists, lawyers, artisans, farmers and a large etcetera, started to Byzantium to start from there the issue. Such was the interest aroused, which had to be banned from the nobles of many people go for not decapitating the political power of their reigns. The human tide believers to the most hallucinating underestimated calculation of Urban II, who promised to respect the property of the Crusaders on their return. However, many liquidated its assets because the certainty of a return, to such an enterprise was guarded prognosis.

Antioquia to the campaign. Internal rivalries. Meanwhile the Muslims, who have ignored what was happening in the West, had virtually surrounded by Christendom in an empire that even today, stretching from the Atlantic and western Africa to the Zagros Mountains (Iran), including in the domains North and the Horn of Africa, the Levant, Mesopotamia and the entire Arabian Peninsula. United by faith in Muhammad, the prophet and preferred maximum of Allah (God) unlike the Christians, the unity of this people went beyond religion was in their struggle through the desert, considerable faith, absolute reverence the Koran (holy book), and existential orientation towards Mecca (Muhammad's birthplace.) to fight began, as that paragraph above, with the failed attempt of Peter the Hermit and his Crusade. Its leader, bringing together the remnants, the bulk of troops waited cross gathered between November 1096 and May 1097 in Rome (where Urban II ended its disputes with the Antipope Clement III) and then in Constantinople, to finally go Nicaea now the capital of the Sultanate of Rum and former city of Byzantium. The Crusade of the princes was composed of a series of armed troops mainly from d, a specialist in history, with extensive experience in research on global wars and conflicts. audiolibrosespanol. com / history