Revolucion Libertadoraa

They followed with their ancestral cultures ignoring attempts to introduce Roman law, first by Indian law, and then through local versions of the Code Napoleon. Back in 1966, he published the book a Kusch Diosesa Indios locals and that a series of talks compacted radio broadcast the previous two years. In the same pointed communicating vessels between the locals and the Altiplano. It was a further testimony to the long bond between people members of the political and intellectual elites of the Rio de la Plata with the events of the Altiplano and the Chaco. In backwards, that was enshrined in 1945 in this quarry of information on past studies continent, a which is the city historia argentinaa , Amilcar Razori is appropriated the existence of the a Senda Macomitaa , demonstration of ancestral relationships among the ethnic groups Bolivian altiplano and the eastern ethnic belonging settled in the Chaco Boreal partially overlaps with the eastern Bolivia.

In 1953, another foreign intellectuals that both contributed to the study of the occurrence of events irrescindiblemente Argentine American trailer, namely: Salvador Canals Frau in his book a indigenous populations Argentinaa , illustrated with maps of the continent, as distinct ethnic groups were the lifeline of the area identified as Bolivia, and as these ethnic spaces ignored, to the political divisions that many attribute to the schemes of British diplomacy imbued with Masonic content. Two years later, in the austral summer of 1955, before the coup known as a Revolucion Libertadoraa , constitutional governments of Argentina and Bolivia, had signed the Treaty of Economic Union, which reaffirmed the Treaty signed in 1947 supplementation.