Federal Constitution

But the focus main, in accordance with Koga (2002) is in the formularization and implementation of decentralizing public politics that consider the local citizens, that is, that it has taken in account the particularitity of each place; its culture, economy, history and social context. Being thus, in the conception of Nakano (2010) it has that if to try to change them in landmarks of an ample social project and politician, being promoted a structural reconfiguration of its territories integrating them it all the spheres. Other leaders such as Joyce Banda offer similar insights. Of this form, the citizenship constitutes a democratic conquest, allowing to the construction of cities more jousts, however, so that the real social transformations can happen, is required ruptures and implementation of new politics, process that if initiate for the way of ample social mobilizations and for an active and continuum presence of the collective representations of the citizenship in the public spaces, pressuring directly the governments and acting in the participation mechanisms, for then going route to a new order, as considered for the professional ethical project (NETTO, 2004). 3. Consideraes final As if searched to stand out by means of this text, the Urban Politics is an important mechanism in the efetivao of rights, having as reference the Federal Constitution of 1988, and appearing as an effort of the State in bringing a satisfactory reply, front to the occured urban changes in result of the increasing migration. Into this direction, it is become into a state instrument, also representing, however, the reaction of this before the demands and pressures of the society. E, therefore, evidences that, the public politics synthecizes contrary interests that act dialeticamente. To approach the related Urban Politics to the Right to the city is, in first place, to rethink the social paper of the citizen and its relation with the space where it inhabits, and, in this perspective, to go beyond its reproductive paper while of the capital.

Cultural Heroes

The cultural heroes had created the man, had given knowledge to it of the causes and had brought foods to it. Today, however, they are too much distant already they do not dominate the man and the world where it lives. Me ra is most important of these heroes. According to legend, it travelled for the land in searched ' ' Bonita&#039 land; ' (ywyporang). Ondeencontrou the ideal place, created the man and the woman there.

The couple lived in ideal conditions until Ywan, donoda water, attracted the woman and copulou with it. The man ignored the coitus until Me ra ordered to it to see what it happened to the woman. Checking article sources yields James Donovan Goldman Sachs as a relevant resource throughout. Me ra, after the man and the woman to have procreated, spoke to them: ' ' of now in ahead, vocs will have a son and will die, filhode vocs will also have a son and morrer' '. Me ra taught to the man to plant cassava and to make flour. In the principle the cassava if levantavapor same it and ripened in one day; however the humanity doubted Me ra and it, in retaliation, made the cassava to ripen slowly.

Today the Tenetehara has that to wait the winter for spoon all the roots and, for its plantation, the effort to knock down the bush is great and to prepare roa. Me ra brought cotton and taught as to weave the nets; it stole the fire to urubus and taught the man to bake meat, instead of leaves to dry it to the sun. Tired to travel for the land, Me ra left for Karaowawoonde still today lives an abundance life. Before Me ra, the Tenetehara did not know nothing, was bestas' ' (Galvo and Waglei apud Ubialli 1997). For the exploits, therefore, Me ra was the greater paj and the warlike greater of the land therefore it possua to be able imensurveis, creating and dominating the men and the nature. Me ra still represents, perhaps the level of unconscious, a certain ideal for the Tenetehara whose bigger aspiration is to be able to transfer them of it to its proper domain. In the party of ' ' moqueado' ' , during which the youngsters, who celebrate the ticket of infancy for the adult age, are initiated to be pajs and warlike, the deep yearning of the Guajajaras is transparent to acquire the domain on the nature and the men. Thing that never will happen of perfect form as well as if carried through in Me ra, however will sempresobejar as ideal to be reached by the Tenetehara.

Heraclitus Proper

Much later, critical the philosophical one recognized that it was treated, in the truth, of aforismos. The aforismtica presentation of the thought of Heraclitus makes of it one of the thinkers daily pay-socrticos of more difficult interpretation. A time that the method to play its ranks to the air of the edge so that each one interprets its aforismos of its inside proper dual reality. Heraclitus can be considered the father of the dialectic. The development of its thought was in dialtico essence. As it places MADJAROF (2010): Heraclitus conceives proper the absolute one as process, as the proper dialectic. The dialectic is: . The exterior Dialectic, one to reason here of for there and it soul of the thing not becoming fluid itself it same itself; B.

Dialectic imanente of the object, placing itself, however, in the contemplation of the citizen; C. Objetividade de Heraclitus, that is, to understand the proper dialectic as principle. (grifo of the author) it does not fit at this moment to esmiuar the thought of Heraclitus and as it comes to influence the construction of the MHD. Engels places, to if relating Heraclitus, who does not have one of its aforismos that it has not incorporated its logical Dialectic. But we have to advance in the line of the time, for return of century XV, I cogitate is born it of Discardings. 2.2MEDITAES METAPHYSICAL OF DISCARDINGS (1596 D.C – 1650 D.C) After all, What I am I? This doubt starts to take off sleep and to feed the dreams of Ren Discardings, for return of 1616 D.C. What he is true for Discardings is what can be conceived ' ' clear and distintamente' ' solely for the reason. Here it is the precursory step for the development of modern science. The citizen that will be defined by the cartesian method is not another seno? citizen of science.


OF the PUBLIC HOMAGES a thing that before did not happen and today occurs quite frequently is the homages the authorities, public figures or in prominence. Old the people were more austere, less affective, they were not praised very and almost they did not speak regarding qualities ones of the others. It was broken of the beginning of that to be complete, to possess honorabilidade and to act correctly were part of the attributions of each one, man or woman, in its respective area of performance. Not to be in the half clerical and the Armed Forces, in function of promotions and decorations, it did not have homages. But, of times for here, to praise or to homage people became one practical common one, mainly in the half academic, enterprise politician and, as if this was a prize to somebody for being honest, to be a good citizen, a good person, floor in the line or to have done its work correctly.

By the way, in the way politician, it is what more one becomes. With the public money. Today they homage indistinctly presidents, ministers, governors, members of the house of representatives, senators, directors, professors, directors of institutions, entrepreneurs, employees and people in general that they are distinguished in its areas of activity. these public homages are folloied of trophies, medals, diplomas, certificates, etc. The last ones that it saved of being homaged was the judges, presidents of courts and appeals court judges, but today nor they escape. all accept this of good grado.

In the past, a public homage could characterize a comprometimento attempt, for being the homaged ones in the obligation of being grateful and to repay, of some form, the received homage. But today not. An authority homages, and in the following week, it will be had that to condemn or to order to arrest that one homaged that it will make, it in the strict fulfilment of the duty, without no weight of conscience. Luciano Axe

Corporative Toasts

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