The National Parks

3000.00, for placement, a plot of 15 hectares, in August 2008 sparked a confrontation between community members and people who became Tueros inmates at the Judicial lockup Oxapampa. Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. The added interest in breaking the Via jumpers crossing Protected Forest San Matias San Carlos, by the Mayor of Puerto Bermudez and Pichanaki, it unleashed a massive campaign against the organization ANAP, and people including conservation NGOs working in the area and it changes the strategy of initiating the opening of Forest by the side of Pichanaki, this measure causes reaction of the organization who reports the facts to the Ministry of Environment, likewise ANAP began a new strategy to fight to counter threats and decides a third time, making other income from a team, this raid was made the month of October 2008 Pichanaki side a "Way Downtown Area highway to the community a Santa Rose Quiteriaroa Situated at the head of the ravine quiteriaro, causes to be azupizu meets for Miritiriani, the Pick Up truck route takes an average of three hours, then 4 hour trail up to the boundary between Junin and Pasco, Junin-side (Pichanaki) you can see an advanced process new settlers and settlements increasing deforestation of primary forests, coffee plants to install, there is handcrafted cart tracks, as farmers were en route, report that the trail is built on tasks or jobs minka, but the mayor is involved in the gravel and widening of roads, the zone boundary is formed by a range of 890 meters, and in the territory of Pasco, passersby know that this is a restricted area and belongs to the protected forest, to Here, the bridle paths is a two-income areas by giving invaded and one that reaches the Santa Rosa Community Quiteriaro from the height of the mountain range you can see the opening of new fields and new extensions ranging Rozos 5-15 ha is tell along the stream and quiteriaro Intsipasahri there invasions, in the route is estimated that some 128 hectares are being operated illegally, the community of Santa Rosa de Quiteriaro has an area of 11,000 It is located within the protected forest, but about 4,500 have is being invaded, the entourage arrived at the place where I conduct an informational workshop on the importance of conserving the ecosystem, and special use land in a private area, to return to Pichanaki a committee of Inrena venture into the Instead, in the town of San Luis de Shimaki, where there was a report that the work of opening the road would already crossing the mountains and in the middle of protected area to San Luis de Shimaki, before that, at a meeting carried out in the city of Villa Rica, has been raising dare the National Park Headquarters Yanachaga Chimillen, initiate public awareness campaign in the area of Pichanaki.