Medicine And Politics

THE MEDICINE OF THE SAME IS THE POSITIVE ON THE NEW TIMES ….. “Political philosophy that maintains the rule of law,” ascetic theology Spirit. The meaning to the word spirit = spirit suppose this means that theology is itself involved with reality, a reality that certainly is not limited to what they study physics, theology is literally the study of God that I am mentioning all this not a particular finding, are the negative aspects identified by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the statement mentioned, “Libertatis Conscientia” and that is the best synthesis of the negative aspects of the TLM wrong with risks of deviations that are “ruined” the statement reads, “for faith and Christian life.”

The best philosophers and theologians never agree, everyone believes to be right and is an abyss which separates these two theories, but we have the concepts of each of them, without them realize, we can ensure we’re talking about the same, strange as it seems, even with a flat refusal of each of these areas .. philosophical (psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, sociologists, doctors, science, physics,) have reached the conclusions that the evil of all evils is! STRESS! today it is argued in any office in the world that is an epidemic, the decreased resistance extres as low hinmunologico system at the rate of high levels of extres, but people ask is stress? is the consequence of a globalized world in which people are forced to extreme living standards for membership and be in the regulatory status of life that requires the world irrespective of social status that we want to preserve ….