Hegemonic Imperialism

The water is now clearer. Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina in the same bag at the discretion of the Brazilian intelligence, this gives rise to many interpretations, this is mine: The plan hegemonic imperialist autocratic and Fascist cutting, carried forward by the government of President Chavez put Venezuela at a disadvantage and violate the rules of admission to MERCOSUR, and clear its close ties with the Colombian guerrillas put us in the category of suspects Continental destabilization (role Cuba played in the past), and high debt (aside from the trailing position, opportunistic and committed), which is the government of Argentina and its president Venezuela seem to suggest the Brazilian government on the possibility of being literally surrounded by potential conflicts … President Chavez took us, viscerally, in our natural market, CAN, and intends to get involved, by the same route, in the MERCOSUR but he himself has worked to torpedo this initiative through their actions and speeches, the Brazilian Senate vote is critical for entry into MERCOSUR, it would be very naive to think that the other members of the bloc, to a greater or lesser measure will not take this vote as a kind of signal the way forward is very naive as to think that the other members fail to take into account the position of senior partner of the economic community that gathers.

Log in MERCOSUR, at this time and under conditions in which it is the Venezuelan economy is not good as they would have us do, the enormous inflation, some economists predicted by close to 21% this year, the structural weakness of our currency ( however much you change the name) as a result of the enormity of public spending and the absence of real monetary and macroeconomic policies, the lack of investment in the sector that provides the highest revenue: oil, the economics of ports, following the closure of industries and productive enterprises, has made us poor government policies in this area and the speeches and our President’s radical positions on many sensitive issues (for example, had to backtrack on his initiative to also get us out of the IMF and World Bank) put us in the position of a victimas propiciatoriasa compared to Brazil’s industrial structure or market against Chile firmly consolidated, and this is something that a lot of Copa America and a lot of struggle for civil rights must not lose sight of. .