Russian Emergencies Ministry

Summary of News for the week. Oil spill in the suburbs. Violators will be prosecuted. New year, old problems as well. China is struggling with packages. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to the development of a heart attack. Review from 01/01/2008 to 13/01/2008 in oil spill Moscow the evening of 5 January in the suburban town of the Queen of tanks of 2000 cubic meters spilled about 540 cubic meters of fuel.

About 300 cubic meters of fuel oil to the storm sewer fell into the creek Dulevo that flows into the river Klyazma. On Monday, January 7, in Russian Emergencies Ministry said that all spilled oil is already assembled and assurances, and assurances that the threat of falling oil into the river Klyazma was eliminated as soon as it became known about accident. However, as the message was not quite right. And on Thursday, January 10, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched a rescue operation in the flow of water birds Klyazma. The loss of wild ducks local residents The Queen watched the fourth day – have died a few tens of waterfowl.

Viscous oil in the river has become a death trap for birds. WWF, which has experience in rescuing birds at oil spill in the Kerch Strait, and this time organized a rescue operation for the rehabilitation of injured birds and has attracted a number of veterinary clinics suburbs. January 12 it became known that the MOE, Rosprirodnadzor and the government of Moscow region have developed a new plan aftermath of the accident: the rescuers are going to drain Dulevo stream by redirecting it into the water Shchelkovo collector, and then dissolve the remainder of the special substances in line with oil and dig up the contents of the channel by technology.

Issue Environmental

Topics of issue: The annual destruction of plants and animals, setting the world two trillion euros. Greenpeace declared dangerous game consoles for zdorovya.Rosprirodnadzor said the claims in BPPM. Plants in the office make happy employees and increase productivity. —- Review article Global Warming – the future we do Australian authorities have started shooting kangaroos around Canberra. Wildfire in California is out of control. Kamchatka Geyser Valley in July, will take tourists. Global warming and cooling – what next? Exotic animal trade.

Review of the week from 05.19.2008 to 25.05.2008. —- A short review of the major environmental News for the week. The state will spare no money to address environmental issues Sochi Director Regional Development Minister Dmitry Kozak, Sochi assured residents that the construction of Olympic venues for the Winter Olympic Games which will be held in 2014 in Sochi, the state would spare no money to address associated environmental problems … —- The annual destruction of plants and animals, setting the world two trillion euros annual destruction of plants and animals setting the world two trillion euros, the radio station “Deutsche Welle”, referring to the report, published in the German weekly ‘Der Spiegel’. According to the report, ‘the destruction of plants and animals the world back in 2 trillion euros (3.3 trillion U.S. dollars) per year, accounting for 6% of gross national product ‘…

—- ‘Greenpeace’ announced video game consoles are hazardous to health Game Consoles Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii are considered hazardous to health chemicals and metals, informs BBC News referring to the results of the ‘Greenpeace’ research. In this case, all three consoles fully comply with European environmental legislation … —- Japan will provide Africa $ 10 billion to combat global warming, the Government of Japan decided to provide the poorest African countries about $ 10 billion in aid in the fight against global warming. As reported before Official sources in Tokyo, the funds will be listed in the next 5 years … —- Rosprirodnadzor said the claims in BPPM and insisting on the suspension of its activities and to cease discharge of water into the lake Rosprirodnadzor at today’s preliminary hearing of the arbitration court of the Irkutsk region said a lawsuit against the Baikal pulp and paper mills. Instead of suspending its activities, as stated in lawsuit, he demanded an end to dumping sewage into Lake Baikal … —- Plants and flowers in the office make happy employees and increase productivity, experts say Americans spend an average of 52 hours per week for workers desk in the office. Many studies have shown that artificial light in the room and closed windows decrease the feeling of job satisfaction and increase levels of psychological stress. To improve productivity and operational diligence, researchers from Texas State University offer ‘greener’ offices …