Vice President

Introduction or revision of company policies. Standards and safety regulations. Continuous training. Annual report. Presentations of motivation. In general, there are three reasons for the use of video: consistency, profitability and productivity. 1 Consistency there are no two people that delivered the same message in the same way.

You can work out the same notes or the same presentation, but varies the detail or the time devoted to a topic. A video that allows a company to have a complete control of the message. That is always delivered with the same enthusiasm, the same information at all times. Employees at the same time, get more value from the information provided. 2. Cost-effective a well written and well produced video can be profitable and provide invaluable benefits for a company. Is You can eliminate the need for trainers of the company to pay for the trip. And with digital technology, corporate videos can be created for a fraction of the price with more creative effects.

3 Increased productivity a video transmitting corporate messages, health benefits or emergency procedures can increase productivity in the long term. A video can reduce the time employees spend on the preparation and delivery of a presentation. A well-written video can help eliminate questions, so a presentation or training session requires only an hour instead of two. And the Vice President of the company and his assistant, can devote time to the improvement of operational efficiency instead of going to multiple sites to provide quarterly update and again. In a society so visual that relies heavily on Internet and television for information, professional audiovisual producers of video are a safe way to leave a lasting impression. Instead of talking about How to use the new machine in the plant, employees will see a video the plant inside to show how the machine works.