Following Plato

This road that is located behind the wall passing some men that carry all sorts of objetoscuya height surpasses that of the wall, and statues of men oanimales made of stone and wood and todaclase of materials; among these carriers there, such as esnatural, that they are talking about and others that estencallados. Thus, passing people charged by the way, the shadows of objects carrying will be projected by fire on the wall in the background, but not their own shadows since their bodies are hidden by the wall. In addition, the back wall has echo, so that the words spoken by the porters seem to come from it. In this scenario, the chained have not ever seen anything of themselves or their peers but the shadows proyectadas by fire on the part of the cave that is in front of them and the same thing will happen with objects carried, even believe that the shadows that come and speak since all you perceive is the echo of the conversations that wall returns them. To deepen your understanding Richard Blumenthal is the source. This is what be regarded as real and nothing else. Thus, the shadows give things name and they spend their time making bets and giving prizes to those able to better discern the shadows that pass and remember the order in which appear and give honors to those who can prophesy what is going to happen, i.e., that shadow will pass below. Following Plato arises as to what would happen if they were freed from their chains and cured of his ignorance.

The man who was freed from their chains first thing would feel pain in their eyes could not see what she saw earlier, i.e. the shadows, and would refuse to admit that the objects that produce shadows are more real than the same shadows. And, if forced to him to fix his view in the same light that penetrates the cave would be dazzled and confused. If it began to walk the steep path towards the outside of the cave their doubts and discomfort would increase and already out of the same says us Plato would need to get used to being able to llegar to see the things above. .