Events Classification

And having no beginning and no end he has. God has always been and always will be. God – out of time. God is always there. So he called the eternal “14, p.26-28.

God eternal (Pasl.89: 3; Is.40: 28). In accordance with Article 1 of the Declaration of the divine, spiritual, and moral rights and freedoms of 23.11.2010g., 1.Osnovu divine, spiritual, and moral rights and freedoms Rights of Love. 2.Slova Love and God are equivalent. Due to the fact that God is love, God is eternal, love is the eternal and universal values obschevselenskoy. Thus, Russia’s national idea was originally laid down in the preamble to the basic law of the country as we transfer the principal of eternal human values – love, which should be at the head of our lives and laws. List References 1.

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Who will be responsible for the quality of the Russian construction, if the majority of construction companies will come out of SROs in the construction and licensing system will be restored? The bill proposes to add Art. 1 Development Code the concepts of 'general contractor to perform engineering research', 'chief designer', and 'general contractor for construction and reconstruction of capital construction '. In addition, Art. 60 Development Code has been amended, under which third party liability in the event of harm resulting from defects of the work on engineering survey, design and construction will now be general contractors and master planners. At the same contractor and general designer have the right of recourse (regress) to the persons directly perform specific work, the shortcomings were damaged. General contractor and general designer are obliged to ensure control of construction work performed independently and through subcontractors. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge..

In order to improve the quality of SRO in the building provides for the transfer of responsibilities the builder (customer) for the implementation of building control on the basis attracted by contract entity or person. This will allow many developers to transfer non-core functions by qualified professionals. Because, after reducing the number of members of the SRO in the construction of their compensation funds substantially reduced and the remaining funds may not be enough to compensate for possible damages to third parties, the amount of contributions to a compensation fund for general contractors and SRO General Designer increased. In addition, for the general designer and general contractor installed a differentiated minimum contribution to a compensation fund SRO depending on the cost of design and construction, who plans to carry out the general designer and general contractor. Thus, the minimum contribution to a compensation fund self-regulatory organization for one member of CPO, which has a certificate of admission to implementation of civil works construction, may be between 500 thousand rubles. (If the company plans to organize the construction of which cost under one contract does not exceed 60 mln.) To 10 million rubles.

(When the cost of the work under one contract of 10 billion rubles. And more). A minimum contribution to a compensation fund for construction of SRO in the general design will be 250 rubles. (If a member of a self-regulating organization plans to organize activities on preparation of project documentation, cost does not exceed 25 million rubles. under one contract) to 1.5 million rubles. (If the cost of the preparation of project documentation one contract is 300 million rubles. and more). The minimum sum insured for damage compensation to victims to 5 million rubles. for members of the SRO designers and surveyors, and 10 million rubles. – For members of the SRO in the building.

Classification Of Claims

The Constitution of the Russian Federation, followed by GIC and establish the right of every citizen to judicial protection. In case of violation of law or contesting any interested person may apply to the court for protecting his rights. The basic form of such protection advocates sue to protect the right shape. The concept of 'action' comes from the word 'search' – seek to satisfy their requirements, protect its interests. Despite this seemingly simple determination about the claim has long been an ongoing debate in the Russian law (Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Ural, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Tyumen).

Claim – an institution of procedural law – an appeal to the court claim interested person, arising from the disputed legal relationship, to protect his or another's rights or legally protected interest to be considered and resolved in accordance with the law. Currently, the following main classifications of action for the following reasons: At the subject of the claim – the procedural and legal classification of claims; At the objects of protection – the substantive classification actions; At the character protected interest. Speaking about the procedural and legal classification of claims, release: 1) claims for recognition, which are aimed at recognition of his rights to other person who challenges the it (for example, an acknowledgment of paternity or recognition of a person as missing). Claims for recognition are classified into positive actions (which have the aim to secure for the plaintiff a certain right, for example, a vehicle under the agreement) and negative (whose purpose, contrary to refuse any duty, such as non-recognition of the father of any child or entry into marriage) 2) complaints about the award, characterized by the fact that his statement of claim the plaintiff asked the court not only to recognize him specific rights, but still force the defendant to commit legal actions (such as monetary compensation to the plaintiff, to leave the premises, to submit the car keys and other). In practice, often filed by the applicant claim, which combines the features and the recognition of the claim, and claim the award (for example, a claim for recognition of the sales contract invalid and the transfer of vehicle keys and documents old owner – the plaintiff). 3) transforming actions – those actions that are aimed at ending (for example, share a common joint property), change (for example, to allocate its share in the common ownership) or emergence of a new relationship. Some scientists are also classify claims based on the nature of protected interests of the owner (that is, who is a plaintiff in the court) and isolated personal actions (eg, physical, and legal persons), claims to protect the state (for example, in international courts), claims to protect the interests of others. Thus, the classification of actions can be carried out for various reasons and criteria and to conduct it should be, because it allows you to work on the synthesis of judicial practice on the various types of cases and take appropriate laws and regulations, to prepare highly professional and legal identify social status of certain social processes.

Russian Community One

The leader of the Crimean Communists L. Rook after awarding Kolesnichenko the Order of Friendship ', said: "I can not congratulate Kolesnichenko, knowing his very deep and long, with this award. I can only regret. We know from Kolesnichenko Crimea since the late 80s, when he was one of the most ardent nationalists. We Kolesnichenko know today. This man, who called for the return neo-fascism.

" And it's not just words, 'Simpatico UPA' Kolesnichenko even named one of his closest associates, the chairman of the Russian Community of Crimea, a member of the Board 'of the Russian Language in Ukraine' C. Tsekov. As they say, no comment. Art of this highly professional interviewer lies in the fact, to show his true face, perhaps even carefully concealed from the general public, that the correspondent for Kolesnichenko, perhaps, was quite successful. In this respect, at least one more remarkable expression Kolesnichenko, which is apparently a characteristic of his political opponents from the standpoint of the ruling party: 'Today, the government pragmatic people who are at the forefront of states have put human rights. A different dust under the boots was, is and will be '.

The fate of "dust under the boots' is quite clear even without further explanation. AND this is not a reservation, it is a position shared by his closest associates. For example, board member of his 'human rights' organizations C. Provatorov after the presidential election is very 'figurative' and, more importantly, in'hristianski 'enlisted 45.47% Ukrainian citizens who did not vote for Yanukovych, in the category of 'goats' and 'chaff'.

Make Debt Restructuring

Credit Debt Restructuring – an agreement with the lender by the borrower, who has difficulty with the repayment of its financial obligations, the new scheme of repayment. To receive the financial services must apply for a debt restructuring, as well as put together a package of documents. Statement of each client to restructure the loan is considered on an individual basis. Upon review of specialist will contact the borrower to assign the date and place of signing an additional agreement. If the cause can not repay the loan on time (illness, job loss, etc.) really are objective, the Bank will forward.

The bank must be convinced that the problem was temporary and that the borrower does not abandon its obligations to pay the loan. Terms of restructuring the loan chosen for each has addressed individually. In practice, banks operate in the reservoir firms working under a contract of assignment. Such firms are searching for their own debtors, very private all starts with phone calls. As a matter order the debtor to offer to pay the full balance idnorazovo. If the debtor fails to repay the debt, the bank’s agents offer a faster version of the loan. This could be installments of 3-6 months, but not more. May fare worse case, if the bank has sold your debt kolletorskomu agency.

In such situations agency takes more drastic measures, because it zatartilo their funds to purchase the debt. Most likely to the debtor shall immediately make a claim in court, and impose a lien on, the existing movable and (or) real estate. After the trial, the debtor may apply coercive measures vyzskaniya debt by Treatment vyzskaniya arrested at the property. In addition, in the executive proizvosdtva may be banned from leaving the debtor outside of our country.

National Association

The article refers to the possibility of reducing the number of SROs in the construction of a decrease in the minimum number of members of SROs. No prizes for guessing that the output of CPO in the construction of a large number of small construction companies to supply CPO in a difficult position. Because federal law 'On the self-regulatory organizations' set the minimum number of participants: for SRO in the building – 100 members for the SRO in the design and investigations – 50 members. If the SRO number of participants falls below the minimum, it will dissolve. The bill provides for the reorganization of the self-regulatory organizations in the form of mergers and acquisitions, which will SRO, created in different regions, to unite. In addition, the bill provides for the possibility of 'forced' the dissolution of the SROs.

National associations of self-regulatory organization empowered by monitoring the activities of self-regulatory organizations. In case of violations of the national association may issue an order to his SRO elimination. If the breach is not cured within the prescribed period, the national association will have the right to appeal to the supervisory authority to demand the deletion of information about an organization from the state registry. If information about the self-regulatory organization will be of State Register are excluded, all issued its certificate of admission to the construction works automatically lose their validity, and means the compensation fund such an organization will be credited to the account National Association of SROs and the appropriate kind may be made only on the implementation of payments associated with the onset of vicarious liability for the obligations of the liquidated SRO members. In the near future will appear as the possibility of legislative reorganization of SROs and their 'forced' liquidation. Part of the SROs in the construction (of the created exclusively to raise funds for construction of compensation funds) decide to dissolve itself, because the bill provides for the obligation to place funds CPO compensation fund only in deposits and certificates of deposit of Russian credit organizations that meet the criteria established by national associations of self-regulatory organizations. The money is already no one can 'steer'.

BTW Communications

Program for wiretapping Spyder-pc OPINION security services – Nobody has a total surveillance of citizens. It takes incredible resources – and the human, and technical and financial – was surprised Nikolai Pavlov, a member of one of the federal intelligence. – When a person is suspected of committing a crime, and serious or particularly serious, then yes – security services can connect to its phone. But only with court approval. – And if you want to connect immediately, and the judge asleep? – Connected. But according to the law within 24 hours, the intelligence agencies must still get approval for wiretapping in court. And not to mention the fact that all negotiations on cell phones recorded, then listen to – nonsense. At this no memory computer systems, or professionals do not.

The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc BTW Communications – with holes Listen to telephone calls in a GSM network is possible without the help of operators. Three years ago, Israeli scientists said they could not find a serious bug in the code that uses almost all modern mobile phones. Listen to any negotiations really. However, with special equipment. But who is when it stops? Representatives of the GSM Association were quick to assure that the error does not affect the next generation mobile phones, the so-called standard G3. They use a new encoding. But who can argue that over time, and it experienced hackers can not find the hole? In addition, household equipment that could connect to the cellular radiotelephone and can be bought at any radio market.