These performance measures created an administrative vice that focus attention on targets of boarding and not in control of costs or on the use of restrictions. Corporate managers believe that the company shipped more money that would have to follow other practices that focus on the restrictions. Unfortunately, extensive services to clients and productividad quality measures across the enterprise are hindered. This CEO intimately linked to production and achievement of objectives of a company, in this sense, the question of whether the company has a few goals or if you rather satisfies the constraints is purely academic. Objectives and restrictions go hand in hand, the objective of participation in the market, accompanied by a restriction useful in the short term, the goal of quality short term will be limited by a participation restriction in the market.

Resistance to change is a problem of the new paradigms, all members of the Organization are accustomed to the old models and tend to resist a new one that are above their knowledge. The paradigms about the nature of human beings and their behaviour at work, like the rest of the models have the advantage to establish borders surrounding the object of study, to try to explain how to resolve problems that arise within these limits with success. Eco-efficiency is an administrative culture that guides the business community to be increasingly competitive, promote innovaciones in their businesses and adapt their production processes to the needs of the market and the environment..