The Future

The conflict became news was eternal and increasingly detailed. Since that time considered it and have a correspondent sent to cover in more distant places. Today is considered one of the best reporters of the time. Thus was a reporter for war. I do not think he had previously thought to be. I suppose that at some point in their lives want to leave and settle in one place and start a family, but it is still very young. I think we still did not meet their thirties.

"How about if we forget about all of them," he said stroking her dark, wavy hair – now we're here, we two and the eternity of our love, to live these seven hard days. Amazon has many thoughts on the issue. You have to be recorded by fire, as the days of the beginning of our life together and must help us when for some silly reason we may fight in the future .- he said Seba. That will never happen, "Tati said firmly. "It will happen, and often more than we would like either of us, believe me .- replied. "And why there should be a sine qua non" us to fight? – He said with an air of annoyance. Because that's what has happened since the beginning of mankind and they will continue to occur, all couples .- responded with total conviction. There is no relationship without diversity of opinions and that diversity inevitably leads to confrontation .- And, what if we try to be the first not to do and set a precedent, as would a lawyer?, Said in a tone of romanticism that often frequently used and loved Sheba.