Los Political Parties

Manuel Cobo and Ricardo Costa have been suspended of militancy in the PP not for nothing have been done, but only by what they have said. Cobo, for criticizing the alleged maneuvers of Esperanza Aguirre against Rodrigo Rato, who has managed the Presidency of Caja Madrid despite everything. Coast to maintain the continuing regional Secretary of the party, the same thing had just said a moment before his boss, Paco Camps, without that this has happened nothing. We could say that enquiry politicians have been victims of their freedom of expression. Connecticut Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And it is that the parties, all of them, not like that its militants go for free.

The Socialist Alfonso Guerra anticipated in his day: that move does not come out in the photo. By have been moved by your account the councilmen of disgust in the nuclear issue, both Jose Montilla as the convergent Artur more they lash out now against the of his respective party. Precisely to prevent that public representatives have their own ideas and acting accordingly, parties invented in his day the antitransfuguismo Covenant: not to protect to the citizens, not to combat urban corruption or whichever. For even more analysis, hear from Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. For this it was enough with the penal laws. What aim is to obey the hierarchy with military discipline. In Anglo-Saxon countries, where there is no partisanship, politicians respond soon to their constituents than to the partisan dome. In Spain, on the other hand, if the political parties could replace his incordiantes public posts by simple automated robots, they would be completely happy.

Promoting Affiliate

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Peru Communities

In this regard, are the elements of greater modernity and at the same time of exclusion and social inequality and economic that have characterized development exogenous (from a historical perspective) to limit evolutionary possibilities and processes of development of the indigenous communities. On the contrary, are processes of endogenous development that best correspond with cultural, territorial and environmental reality of indigenous communities and their evolutionary potential and current development. In this sense, we agree with what various authors indicate that endogenous development processes better express the compositional elements of the culture, structure and dynamics of interaction of indigenous communities with nature. However, beyond the formal respect its evolution evolutionary theoretical analysis, and the mythification, on the other hand, it has become of their relationship as a society. The truth is that they are currently populations which by their relative ability to Exchange and negotiation with the external field, mostly do not enjoy the benefits of so-called modernity and live in a situation of poverty, exclusion and relative isolation from major centres or poles of development featuring a series of shortages and low levels of quality of life. Movements and indigenous organizations in the Latin American context in Latin America indigenous peoples represent a significant percentage of its population (it is estimated that you between Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru are between 80% to 90% of the entire indigenous population of the continent, and addition that only between Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru between 15 to 16 million indigenous people). Despite this, they are populations that have been excluded from the processes of modernization and development driven by the Governments of these countries. And the global perspective of development follows perceiving them be as less evolved societies (so you are misunderstood within the modern Western conception of the nation-State). Many indigenous communities have been (or intended to) be subsumed within the framework of corporate and national cultures that today are perceived through the filter homogenizing of the Globalization.


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Internet Products

You can finally change factors in the marketing mix, as the price, the way in which distributes the product or the way it communicates. Many of the ideas may be absurdas.3. Then you need to start to analyze if some of the ideas may have value to the consumer and how can become a reality. The potential of this process is very significant. As a result of the lateral marketing have arisen products not never imagined before, such as bars of cereals, the chocolate egg with surprise (combination of toy with treat) or shops 7 – Eleven of Japan that sell products 24 hours. Finally taken into consideration what brings aprendemos.com. a good example of the application of the marketing side is the development of new products, as bars them honey, nuts, milk and cereals, a fast alternative to the traditional cereals with milk, or new business concepts, such as Internet cafes, or the location of supermarkets in petrol stations. The lateral marketing also involves using old products in a new way, for example, promote as a system Bayer Aspirin to prevent heart attacks, or use apples in the tables of the receipts of the hotels as a way to welcome guests.

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Budget Video Corporate

The first step in the preparation of an audiovisual presentation is to define a script. Audiovisual budget includes the cost of preparation of the technical script, or audiovisual script, which appreciates the definition of the idea, and that defines the order and form in images and other graphic elements are scanned in the video. We must distinguish that, the literirio script, which is that a narrator locutara with background images, usually make it the client. Another element referred to audiovisual budgets is the scenery. Although normally corporate videos are filmed in the customer’s own premises, in some cases are required to request permission because of filming in certain public spaces, filming in dish with white Cyclorama, acquire certain elements of decoration (props), etc. These are the elements referred to in the heading of scenery.

In corporate audiovisual given the presence of artistic personnel may be needed. This heading takes into account the participation of actors or actresses in the filming, with their included image rights, figurative characters, dancers, costumes, makeup, etc. Usually not usual to count with the presence of artistic personnel in company videos. One of the main headings of an audiovisual budget is that valued crew. This heading includes all the necessary equipment to carry out filming: one or several cameras, tripods, lighting, ambient, or lapel microphone kits, reflectors, battery, cranes, tapes, hard drives, monitors, etc., must also include the transport of the same until the place where will be done filming.

Therefore, it will also be necessary that this breakdown in the budget, the technical team that will participate in the filming.The staff involved are: the producer, the / operator/s camera, audio and lighting, auxiliary staff, etc. Also includes transport and, if necessary, the diets of such personnel. Some of the main protagonists in the corporate video is the announcer/Bender.This heading in a company video budget contemplates the work of elocution, the assignment of rights of use of the recorded voice and professional recording studio time. In addition to the speaker, as indispensable in any video production sound item, includes one or more tunings music background. This heading includes the cost of such tuning, both if it is an original musical composition for the client, as if it is a tuning acquired in a bookstore, with its acquired rights to use. The post-production process, whose description you can see in one of our articles already published the video post-production process, is that pose a greater computation of hours of dedication to the creation of an audiovisual process, and therefore will be one of the most important items of the budget. This heading includes the working hours of the video, the audio and multimedia (design editor graphic, authoring DVDs, photographic retouching, etc.). Finally, the adaptation of the resulting video to the format of delivery chosen also dyes its presence in every budget.Copying, printing and delivery, include addition, the recording of the DVD master, design and stamping on the cover of the disc and box, as well as shipping, all copies, the destination chosen by the customer. Remember the production corporate video Audiovisual workshop specialist are at your disposal to carry out the budget for the corporate video for your company, as well as explain the detailed each of his games meaning.

Corporation Private

A renewed directory, with members coming from various fields of regional endeavour incorporating, assumed October 16 conduction of the private corporation for the development of Aysen (Codesa), after completing the week before the ordinary General Assembly of partners. One of the main actions of the short term of the new administration, in addition to continue working in cultural initiatives, local economic development, citizen participation and the Patagonian environment protection, will be updating the statutes, whereas the new challenges of the Aysen Region and the emergence of new technologies, the latter to make more fluid and participative management and operation internal. Since be constituted the private corporation for the development of Aysen by the end of the 1980s, it has been always present in large challenges and processes that have been carried out in the region and also in the Chilean Patagonia. And from the imprint of their different directories you have contribution to the collective and comprehensive of the most diverse topics discussion expressed the new President, Patricio Segura Ortiz. In this regard he thanked all those who have been involved at some point with the work of Codesa, since the founders until those who throughout these 20 years have fulfilled various functions in management positions or in the execution of projects. In addition the directive new Luis Moraga as Vice-President, Fabien Bourlon as Treasurer, Claudia Torres as Secretary, and Alejandro de el Pino, Miriam Chible and Charles Samson directors holders make up. Assumed as Deputy Directors Florence Labarca, Veronica Venegas, Alexandra Yannakos, Flor Quiroz and Lorena Santibanez. Integrate the team professionals, technicians and citizens who serve in areas as diverse as forestry research, tourism, bioclimatic architecture, culture, action and social communication, and local economic development. The Codesa private corporation for the development of Aysen project has led and participated in various projects in the region, including flavors of Aysen, the school of guides of Patagonia, the public-private consortium of the center of scientific tourism, Hans Steffen Cinerary Memorial and by Chile and Aysen seminars we learn from energy. Today, among other initiatives, works together with other organizations as Codeff in the proposal for a development model for an Aysen as a reserve of life, with the support of the Avina Foundation, international institution which promotes local leadership for sustainable development in Latin America.

Digital Invoice

Directive Soft announced the incorporation of electronic invoicing in Compiere ERP from the hand of the KSI Digital security company, company that recently has signed an agreement as a technological partner of Directive Soft. The Digital invoice arises from the need to manage, securely, the high number invoices and receipts associated with the business activity of a company, in the process of shipping and handling of documents. This company of Navarre, expert in safety management systems and specialized in encrypted digital, will provide all the necessary technical support to provide Compiere ERP solutions focusing on the security and protection. Thanks to this agreement, Directive Soft may offer customers of Compiere ERP integrated solutions with a contribution of maximum reliability and safety in the treatment of business documentation, ensuring implementations of maximum quality and total guarantee thanks to the high degree of technology offered by the services offered by both companies. Directive Soft shares the vision of KSI Digital Security, in its Search extend a culture of collaboration between ICT companies and free software organizations, that leverage and enhance the mutual products on security in information technology and communication.

Spain Information

The new DNI electronico looks very similar to the traditional, with the important novelty of the incorporation of a small integrated circuit or chip, which securely stores the information and processes it internally. Stands out by its possibilities and characteristics that define, among which it is worth highlighting: allows you to electronically certify the identity of a person with no margin of error, sign digitally providing the same validity as the handwritten, make purchases with signatures over the Internet, perform public procedures wherever you are and at any time, transfer safely among banking entities, ease of access to buildings, such as for example those working, safe use of our pc and videoconferencing with accreditation of identity by the interlocutor. The use of information and communication technologies will enable citizens to benefit and thus accelerate the implementation of the information society in Spain. On our website you may request, cites previous Dni Renew ID and appointment ID card by phone..