Project Manager

Agree on work, the timing, amount and payment. In this step, it is important to make things right. Will depend on your continued quiet life. People can come across very different, some do not even know what they specifically need. So I would like to give some tips on how to conduct themselves at this point. Tip 1. Demand specification. It is most important.

Remember that without the technical specifications for the work it is better not start at all. For those who do not know specification – this is a detailed description of the work to be performed. If the technical requirements for site development, it may contain information about how many columns should be the future of the site, which should be a background site, what information it will be, etc. There are situations that freelance work done, but in the specification was nothing said about the background of the site, and he did it with white. After this employer request to change the background color. Due to technical requirements freelancer may require a fee for it, because This condition is not been discussed previously. Tip 2. Values its reputation and number of orders at the price them fundamentally depends on your reputation.

Remember the rule, if you are someone that-a promise, then vybeytes of forces, but to fulfill it. Tip 3. At the initial stage to gain experience. Can the first does not work to take any money. The most important thing you gain experience and to replenish its portfolio – the list of completed works. No portfolio can not go far and do not earn large sums. Tip 4. If the job concerns of large sums of money, then chains with an employer agreement. This can easily be done by mail, even if he is in another country. Fraud in this area are rare, but nevertheless they are encountered. In this my all. I wish you learn to earn big money, plenty of health and that all desires are translated into practice.