John Kerry Delonge

Guitar World: It seems that Bono is strongly influenced the album? Tom Delonge: I used these vocal “foo-foo-foo” several times. Guitar World: I noticed that at least three songs: True Love, Lifeline and Rite of Spring. Also, I noticed a similar war drums like Sunday Bloody Sunday in True Love and guitar like Edge. Tom Delonge: I know. I guilty! What can I say? It would not be fair not to recognize what has influenced me. You know who my favorite frontman? David Gahan of Depeche Mode.

But my favorite songwriter Bono. Steepest can sting. I love them for different reasons. But U2 for me as the Beatles for this generation. They have no less hits than the Beatles, and they are very active, but with modern technology. I am very inspired by them in terms of songwriting and the diversity of styles.

But The Cure is also very influenced me, but they are more committed to one style, as well as Depeche Mode and The Police. But U2 has some songs and like Cure and The Police, and Frank Sinatra and Jonny Cash. This is because I came to his music. Our next record will have more songs in the style of Beatles. Guitar World: Are you satisfied with the response to your first album? Tom Delonge: Oh yeah. I received so much criticism, many have never received before. People in the rock world have grown under the influence of other things.

There are fans of classic rock, metal and punk rock. But I do modern-rock paren.Ya raised on punk rock, new wave and hip music. My opinion that Angels and Airwaves is a summation of the whole rock for the past 34 years. You will hear music such as punk bands the Descendents, nofx and Bad Religion, but also Peter Gabriel, The Cure, the Who, New Order It’s all in the ava. If you grew up listening to rock station in the city, then you probably enjoy our music. We packed all the music of these groups in a modern box for the new guys. Guitar World: In the past you have been interested in politics, one more thing that you delish with Bono. You worked with John Kerry and helped promote alternative energy sources. Something like doing now? Tom Delonge: Yes. I’ll start at the center of a huge rock tour next year, which supports 25 most tech companies in the world. This event will demonstrate the whole modern world under one roof, and show that the future is now, and it can be anything you want. The tour will be launched together with the technology, which should help the musical industry, help the groups to earn money without record labels and television and anything else that does not help the musicians as much as before. Guitar World: you can further tell you all this? Tom Delonge: Not now. I myself have not yet specifically in informed. Guitar World: In terms of public recognition, do you think if you can make the audience forget about Blink 182 and accept the new you? Tom Delonge: I think so. I know that many people still rage that Blink 182 is no more. But I think about mostly, critics very interested. I am confident that the ava is a good team. I know what I did for both teams, and I will prove my point of view. In ava so much art and passion. And I know that in ava I write the best songs of his entire life.

Residential Politica

Self-construction of house with the residential policy: The effective norm in the matter of autocontruccin with resources of the residential policy arranges in the Newspaper the 39486 essential aspects to manage to suitably present/display the request of credit according to the following criteria: It goes directed to families who do not own main house and are land proprietors located in urban or rural zones, endowed with services public, or in their defect, with alternative of grant properly permisada by the competent authorities. The loan for self-construction will be equivalent to the 100% of the value of the work budget presented/displayed, constituting hypothecating guarantee on the land and bienechuras that in him is constructed. It will be disbursed of the following way: A first payment in the date of protocolizacin of the credit, equivalent to 60% of the approved amount. A second payment by the remaining balance whenever the house presents/displays an advance superior to 50% of physical execution, verified and approved by professional designated by the Financial Operator. The beneficiaries will not be able to alienate the house, until 5 years counted as of the date of protocolizacin of the credit have not passed. In case the loan includes Residential Direct Subsidy, if the beneficiary alienates the house within the 5 years counted as of the date of the granting of the subsidy, this must be refunded to its value updated at the time of the distraction. Additional information is available at Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. rst to reply. The recording public will not be able to register any negotiation without the proof of cancellation of the amount of the up-to-date subsidy emitted by the BANAVIH..