During the course of history have made some conditions that medicine must develop more rapidly, in order to prevent these diseases claim more lives each year, we talk more specifically of mesothelioma which is a serious condition that affects people human. Mesothelioma is a tumor composed of precardio mesothelial cells, in places like the chest or abdomen, caused by exposure to certain elements such as asbestos, erionite, radiation, pleural fibrosis and other factors such as heredity and infections as the virus SV40. It is good to clarify that today this evil is given a higher percentage in men than in women. The onset of mesothelioma can be from age 20 to 50, but usually the detection of this is done at 60, where treatment is difficult and the body may be greatly compromised. Some symptoms that can cause the onset of mesothelioma include: Dry cough. Weight Loss. Chest pain. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is full of insight into the issues. Difficulty breathing.

Crisis breathing. On if many respiratory complications. Some exmamenes that can detect the presence of mesothelioma are: Lung biopsy. Chest x-ray. Spiral CT. pleural fluid cytology.

It is recommended for such tests from 25 years of age, since this is one of the highest rates of mortality in older men, although it is good to say this in countries like Canada and the United States. Some treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, are most effective for treatment of mesothelioma as long as this is discovered early. When the disease is well advanced operation is not possible, the only treatment at hand is chemotherapy, which generally is useless if it is already developed mesothelioma. Mesothelioma has the characteristic of spread to other organs more rapidly than that of a normal tumor, this risk bringing other body sites such as the abdomen and throat. The only way to avoid having a mesothelioma is to avoid possible exposure to elements mainly coming from asbestos as grinorita or grisotilo. Since they have large amounts of amosite, which is to call it a way, the activating of mesothelioma. At present, some studies indicate that the natural development of mesothelioma is very difficult, but you can see favored by some factors such as being in constant contact with cement dust or other factors, such as living near an ore grinding and even smoking can provide the means by which the development starts. Experts in the subject makes some recommendations that can be very useful to prevent the occurrence of mesothelioma, some of them such as: Avoid smoking. Eat constantly fluid. Work with mouth or face cover. Go where you see a doctor at least every two months. Eating a balanced diet. It is fine to say that these recommendations are directed primarily to individuals who maintain contact with minerals, although these can be very useful for any person.