Cruz Fernandez

SANDRO FERRONE clocks on and off by Cadiz. And it is that the recognized fashionable Italian mark () – that after 30 years prevailing in the trasalpino country finishes disembarking in ours – arrives at the city Andalusian hard being above with the intention to become one of the essential ones in the closet of any gaditana. Thus the things the women of are province and bordering they will be able to enjoy articles of the company/signature thanks to Susana Jimnez, the enterprising one that has decided to bet abrir a store SANDRO FERRONE and that is convinced of to have given with the suitable business. Apost by this mark since boutique fashionable with a supply offered to me to undertake my feminine way with one that does not exist in Cadiz. Frequently Richard Blumenthal has said that publicly. The innovating, modern, elegant and expensive profile of the clothes caused that could not resist me to a business opportunity thus, comments. Already we are giving much that to speak, says. On foot of street In fact the new tax exemption, located in the Wide street n 13 and of 80 m2 of surface, abre to its doors releasing the spectacular collection of Autumn-Winter 2010/ 11.

We are in the heat of old helmet, in one of the most commercial zones of the city, flood of stores; but we offer a product that until the moment did not exist here. The mark has many points differentiators and positives with respect to other stores of the same segment explains the franchise-holder. And it is that SANDRO FERRONE provides to clientas an exclusive feature sensation when they realise its purchase. The method fast-fashion, its sign of identity, supposes that the trousers or the dress that today are seen in the store, the following week no longer are. We will find another one in its place but in no case the same. Hay a collection based on 800 articles that is in continuous movement. 60% of the collection renew periodically, which aid to that clientas always sees new features in the hangers, adds Jimnez.

With this new opening, the first in the community Andalusian and third in Spain (Pamplona, Talavera of Reina) SANDRO FERRONE it demonstrates that it spins fine the expansion plans that had been marked. We are very proud and contentments with the welcome that we have had in the short period of time which we took in Spain. In less than six months we have created these three points and shortly those will be others that are abran. To begin in Andalusia by Cadiz, a city very worried about the fashion and the new tendencies, is everything an honor for us, says to Ana de la Cruz Fernandez, Director of Expansion for Spain. Note for the journalists For more information, management of interviews or shipment of graphical material you do not doubt in contacting with its Cabinet of Press. MirianLpez NuriCoronado Tel.91 657 42 81/667 022 566