The Consulate

Want, then come and change your name in the internal passport do not want – no change (in the formulation of a permanent consulate consulate picks up an internal passport, and puts in a foreign stamp that adopted a permanent consulate. It is necessary for what would later, when change of nationality, to leave the Ukrainian citizenship). So the name change is fairly simple. Richard Blumenthal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. As to what would remain in his name. I stayed on their own, but almost always represent her husband's name, as my maiden name is very difficult to say the Norwegians. Virtually impossible. A write and even more so. But the council – to change the name if already be sure that it is for life, or at least, in the long term.

alyona27 Well, when transferred documents, and in our names often make mistakes (I even made a mistake in the title area). A driver's license change is not necessary. Anyway, I do not crumpling. Just when did 'residence permit', then we provide translation of 'Certificate marriage ', and then, when I was right, then I do not even ask why they are on a different name (especially since the law – with photo). For me it was important that my child was with me at the same family (well, that's so, I 'fad'). While before wedding, when I imagine how much you should do with the change of name, then invited her husband not to change it.

On what he told me that of course if I'm getting married in a couple of years, I was not worth it, as if for life Incidentally, my husband said that in Germany at the change of names of any documents other than passports, the new name change is not necessary. Marmusha the consulate you can put a stamp that you changed the name to another. And with that passports can live on. And when it will go to Ukraine, the next time you change your Ukrainian passport and passport. Only need the German marriage certificate stamped Ukrainian consulate, and then, of course, translate it into Ukrainian. On the basis of the translated marriage certificate you will change the internal passport, and then the passport.

Legal Services

How to find a specialist who can qualitatively, and for a reasonable fee to decide if you have any legal problems? If you need to properly make a lease contract, to issue the constituent documents or register ownership of real estate, finding the right specialist is not difficult. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sen. Sherrod Brown is the place to go. In Yaroslavl, now there are dozens of firms offering legal services of this kind. Contacting any of them, you will highly likely be satisfied with the result. Also, you can safely handle to your nearest law firm (bar formation) for getting advice on how to behave with employer in a conflict situation, as to defend their interests of the consumer goods and services, what to do in case of acceptance of inheritance and other matters, if they do not require a trial. As a general rule, employees law firms will be able to give you advice even on matters that they had not previously encountered in their practice. Anyway, if you seek advice does not seem convincing, you can simply refer to another specialist, experienced financial losses as wasting money for a consultation. Much more serious and urgent issue of finding a qualified lawyer stands up in front of you if there are prospects of a trial, the outcome of which will depend, for example, maintaining ownership of the property owned by you, the existence of a business that you have devoted years of his life, or even your personal freedom. In this case, the error in the choice of a lawyer can be fatal.

The Consumer

If the seller refuses a voluntary replacement, the buyer must do the following: write a written statement describing the circumstances of the acquisition of the goods, The main identifying features and defect. The application must contain a requirement to replace the goods. That statement sent to the seller so that the hands of the consumer remains proof of service of its the seller. If a dispute arises about the reasons of shortage, the seller (manufacturer) is obliged to make an examination of the goods at his own expense within the time prescribed by law. If the examination determines that the deficiencies have for reasons independent of the seller or manufacturer, the consumer is obliged to reimburse the costs of its implementation, as well as associated costs for transportation and storage. If the expert acknowledges the presence of defects the fault of the manufacturer, the buyer may re-offer to the seller to resolve the dispute out of court procedure and is better as well do it in writing. If the seller refuses again to meet the legitimate claims of the buyer, in this case should go to court. Are there any precedents for today sharing a car or return it for money? Such precedents already exist.

Does the right to remove the car dealer car warranty if the machine fails anticorrosion treatment? In the warranty is usually explicitly stated, on what components and assemblies, operating conditions, it is distributed. If the driver operates the vehicle under standard conditions, the basic equipment Auto ensures full compliance with the warranty and any claim for lack of additional work and equipment is illegal. Does the law specify the auto show, in which insurance companies to insure car owner? Typically, auto show offers preferential terms for selling the car only on condition if he is insured in a particular company. Or conversely, the insurance company offers preferential terms insurance of certain brands of cars. Violations of consumer rights in this, if a customer decides to accept him on those terms or not. However service can be seen in the restriction of competition.

Bottom Book

Final obvious. Another way. It is proposed to buy a “miracle book>> on earnings on the Internet or with a million tips on starting a business. Again, a familiar pattern reviews “lucky>> about the following plan: “Do not believe me? Rightly so. I too at first did not believe it, but then decided that you can take a chance and spend some money for a trial. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. $ 10 is not so much for such a book, I now make more than $ 3000 per month and all friends convinced that this is real>> and these fake praise can be vast. In general, not the fact that by buying this book you will discover something new and useful for you.

Usually the money spent on the purchase does not pay. And even a very tenacious way – pyramid. Once this system is not debunked, but in spite of all she lives and in some places, even thriving. When the trees were large and there was no Internet, this scheme worked in ordinary mail mailing list and was called “chain letter>>. If someone forgot to remind you. You by e-mail letter arrives with tales of super-profits from engaging in a pyramid at the bottom of the letter six electronic purses, should be transferred to each of them for $ 1 and send the same letter in 150-200 e-mail addresses, but instead of the last purse you specify your own. Explanation quite effectively and we must admit it is tempting: if at least 10 people out of 200 will be sent for $ 1, you’re already in win, but because each of the 10 will have its 200 and so on ad infinitum. Revenues are calculated fabulous. Do not believe in any pyramid of income is derived only people at the top, in other words, only the organizers of this variety scam. At the end of our story to make a generalization and conclusion suggests itself. If you offer something sverhvygodnoe – do not believe. Imagine that at least some of the above methods enrichment work, in our country all Internet users would be very rich and almost happy. Often remember the free lunch.

Civil Code

NBU Board on the appointment of an interim administration and the moratorium is not an npa, and is the legal act of the individual actions that are not subject to such registration. During the moratorium, there are no penalty to which the fine and penalty, which is a form of civil liability for breach of contract. However, the monetary obligation – debtor’s obligation to pay the lender a certain sum of money in accordance with the civil contract and on other grounds provided by the civil legislation of Ukraine. The composition of cash the debtor’s obligations do not include a penalty (fine, penalty). Such a definition is given a monetary obligation in Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On the recovery of the debtor’s solvency or declaring it bankrupt, it is responsible its essence and can be used in for this category. In addition to a civil contract, a monetary obligation arises on other grounds provided by civil legislation, which is the position of Art. 625 Civil Code of Ukraine, according to which a debtor who has delayed implementation of a monetary obligation, at the request of the creditor is obliged to pay the amount of debt, taking into account inflation index established for all time delay, as well as three per cent per annum with the overdue amount, unless a different rate of interest do not have a contract or law.

Thus, these amounts are not a penalty and they are not subject to the moratorium. After the end of the moratorium penalty (fine, fine), other financial sanctions, as well as the amount of damages that the bank was obliged to pay creditors on monetary obligations and obligations to pay taxes and duties (mandatory payments) may be made payable in the amount that existed at the date of the moratorium, unless otherwise stipulated in this Law. According to the article. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine in case of default advancing the legal consequences established by the contract or by law, including damages and moral damages. It is essential that the article provides for compensation for moral damage, but only when it is established by law or contract, the courts have not always paid attention. Therefore, if the parties in the contract provided such liability for, the requirement recovery of moral damages to be satisfied with regard to the established art. 23 Civil Code of Ukraine and the clarifications contained in the resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine on March 31, 1995 4 (with appropriate modifications and additions) ‘On the judicial practice in cases of non-pecuniary (moral) damage. “

If the contract is not defined moral (moral) damage as a kind of responsibility, it is non-refundable only in cases stipulated by law. In this case, art. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine should not be interpreted so that it refers to the art. 16 of the Code, including ways to protect the right to call the non-pecuniary (moral) damage. Such a conclusion based on the fact that the special rule (Section 4 hours 1 tbsp. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine) can not refer to the general rule ( 9, part 1 of article 16 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). However, please note that not precluded recovery of moral damages suffered as a result proven misconduct of bank employees, in cases of tort law relations. However, such a relationship would not be directly related to the resolution of a dispute about the cancellation / refund bank contribution, and will be governed by other rules of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

Reliable Support

For market participants legal construction companies providing essential services in a number of important issues, often irreplaceable. For example, in matters such as participation in public tenders and auctions, or removal of land sites, as well as their design. With the introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for allotment of land – an important procedure in the developer – has changed. Complicating the issue and metropolitan realities of today. So to solve this problem without the involvement of law firms is difficult. Competition during the bidding, which publicly exposed areas, very much. The huge demand around the limited proposal sections leads to the fact that the land grows in value, and accordingly the estimates of the housing project. There are several options that allow to solve this problem. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Blumenthal. The first – to buy the rights to land that are already in circulation and are the private property of individuals, as well as suburban, or horticultural associations. So you can substantially save costs the builder, without resorting to participate in public tenders.

But there is for one thing. Typically, the location of such sites in not the most profitable areas for development is the only disadvantage, in agreement with this fact and law firms themselves. Needless to say, to build multi-storey residential buildings may require the costs of changing the status of the land and the formation of a package of documents. Quick solution to such issues and further accommodation on the site acquisition, for example, cottage communities may thanks to the timely assistance of lawyers. Contract between local authorities and the winner of the open bidding, based on which development is already built-up area – is one of the main constitute the second option, which recommended law firms. Only in the event that development on the built-up area does not contradict the existing legislation, it is possible. For example, if the territory future development includes emergency, or to be demolished buildings.

The housing stock is updated as follows: new modern houses being built on the site of the old and dilapidated buildings. Which of the two proposed options to choose developer? This will help determine the assistance of counsel. Worth bearing in mind that any of these options in their own complicated and fraught with several problems, which in turn is very difficult without the support of a large law firm. Rash independent steps builder in this difficult market may be ineffective. Also, any law firm is always ready to offer you a lawyer, such as hereditary cause or the land issue.

National Bank

In times of crisis becomes more urgent question of the legal order of loans to individuals and compiling receipts. Sen. Sherrod Brown may help you with your research. Ukrainian law adopted to distinguish between the concept of “loan” and “credit”. Banks and other financial institutions that are licensed to nbu, credit, and individuals – provide a loan and may charge for this interest, and without a license and is completely legal. Can be regarded as an interest-free loan, if agreement is not spelled out the interest rate. Interest rates for all other variants regulated by article 1048 Civil Code: “If the contract does not set the interest rate, their size is set at a discount rate National Bank of Ukraine (currently 8%). Overdue payment of the loan, at the request of the creditor, he shall pay the amount of debt, taking into account established by the nbu inflation index for all of the time delay, and 3% per annum on overdue amount, if another percentage is not envisaged by the agreement or by law, for example, when the terms of the contract subject to the above-mentioned article. 1048 cc. Draw up a receipt Assuming that returning money to the borrower rather receipts, then it should be noted as much information about the borrower: in addition to specifying the gio and the residential addresses of the parties is also important to put the date of the receipt and transmission of values, respectively.

The sum (or number of things) that are transmitted, must be marked in numbers and words. Do not be afraid to celebrate the amount of currency. The loan will be referred to the settlements in the currency, which provides for liability. Loan to mutual settlements does not apply. In receipt must necessarily indicate a return date taken vzaem money or items. If the term of use of funds will be missed, the borrower can come back to take whenever he wants, but the court there are grounds to close the case, because the borrower does not technically violated the terms of the return. If the maturity of the debt still missing, before you go to court, should send a request to the borrower after which he received during the 30 days must pay to the creditor (art.

1049 Civil Code). In case of failure there are grounds for appeal to the court. In the interest of the borrower’s receipt should note the currency in which or how the goods should be the return of the debt. Otherwise, the borrower may agree to accept payment of the goods and then go to court and demand money, claiming that the goods do not have a single relation to this loan.


The debtor as soon as he sees that he can not repay the loan you need to write a letter to the bank: in the grave financial position of asking to restructure the debt or to appoint a meeting for me. The message should indicate the motivation of deferred payment loan, for example, job losses, lower wages, etc. Letter from the best send the notification, or bring it to the bank personally deliver the copy number of the incoming document. This debtor will protect themselves if the case goes to trial. 6. In any case not to be afraid of collectors, not to be threats and pressures, and solve problems based on knowledge of the law and their own rights. 7.

If the collectors come to your home, you can safely call "02" and call the police, particularly if they come to your house dressed in unintelligible form and poked you in the face of unclear identity. 8. No stranger to the apartment do not let while not in force a court decision. Operates on the principle: my house – my fortress. 9. If the debtor still opens the door uninvited guests, you should ask for id, even if in front of you men in uniform, and read it carefully. 10.

Ask the collectors to show papers, documents, under which they are required to pay them money. 11. Not to sign any papers that offer collectors. 12. When dealing with collectors try to use photos and video, as well as recordings that can be, if necessary, to submit to the court, will incorporate the basic materials of the case. 13. Keep records detailing the negotiations. Mark the date and time of each call, the name of the agency, the name of the interlocutor and the transcript of the conversation. 14. Report collectors minimum of information about yourself. Do not talk about the place of work, availability and storage location of the property. Remember that all of what you say may be used against you. Please Note: The social internet networks are often used to find personal data, including the debtors. 15. When phone calls and meetings of collectors with no attempt to soften his sad story – it is useless. Such tearful stories they hear every day. You upset yourself! 16. Remember that even if you paid your debt on bank loans, it does not exclude the possibility that to you can come and collectors for the same bad loans. Or vice versa. According antikollektorov, a possible confusion between the bank and collection agency is probably even. 17. Most importantly: contact lawyers to protect their rights, and collectors are likely to forget about your debt forever.

Charter Company

Joined llc (limited liability company) – a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure. That is why the company is considered the most common organizational and legal environment is a form of legal entities. Register your company will be able to practically any aspiring entrepreneur, but to date, perhaps, easier to contact one of the many law firms. Procedure for registration registration llc you should prepare a package of statutory documents, which will include 2 original copies of the Charter Company, 2 of the original Memorandum of Association llc (or 2 copies of the decision of the sole founder of the creation of a company), one Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders to establish company (with two or more founders) and receipt of payment of state fees charged for registration of the llc. Of course, you will need to submit an application (Form R11001), while Signature (one of the founders of the Future Ltd.) on the form R11001 notarized. If you plan to apply the simplified taxation system, you must provide 2 copies of the relevant application simultaneously with the recording company, or within 5 days after the state registration. If the charter capital is paid in cash, prior to the registration company you need to open a savings account at the bank, which will be credited with that amount. Prior to registration of the llc must pay not less than 50% of the share capital. After the registration of a company savings account is converted to a bank and the money placed at the disposal of the company.