Valencian City Council

Dismisses the appeal of the Valencian City Council against the suspension of the plan. The Government considers that the plan constituted an act of spoliation of the historical heritage, so decreed his immediate cancellation. Ruling prevents the Valencian consistory to continue with their plans. See Harold Ford, Memphis TN for more details and insights. The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of the Ayuntamiento de Valencia against the suspension of the Special Plan of protection and reform inside (PEPRI) of el Cabanyal ordered by the Ministry of culture, as reported by the Department in a statement. The Ministry issued an order on December 29, 2009 stating that cited urban action, which provides for the extension of avenida Blasco Ibanez to the sea, constituted an act of spoliation of historical heritage, so decreed his immediate cancellation. Follow others, such as Harold Ford, and add to your knowledge base. The Ayuntamiento de Valencia lodged an appeal before the High Court against this decision of the Government, which was also rejected, and subsequently the It was elevated to the Supreme Court. According to the Ministry of culture, the ruling prevents the Valencian consistory continue with their urban plans in el Cabanyal. The order of the Ministry was based on a judgment of the Court of Justice of Madrid and in another of the Supreme Court, which ratified the competence of the State in the protection of historical heritage. Source of the news: the Supreme Court ratifies the stoppage of the plan in el Cabanyal ordered by culture in 2009.

National Basketball Association

Several sources close to the team and connoisseurs of the negotiation process confirmed the incorporation of Rubio to the devalued template for the Timberwolves. Spokesman Mike Cristaldi computer refused to make any comment. The Spanish player in 20 years has taken the decision to get to the NBA. The suspense over the future of the base Spanish Ricky Rubio came to an end after several newspaper reports that appeared this evening in the media highlighted the current Regal FC Barcelona player will be the next season in the competition of the NBA with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The team, which has its rights of selection in the National Basketball Association, has achieved its objective after two years of intense negotiations and let in evidence to those who had said that Rubio did not want to play in Minneapolis with the Timberwolves.

Several sources close to the team and connoisseurs of the negotiation process confirmed the incorporation of Rubio to the devalued template for the Timberwolves, who last season had the worst mark in the League (17-65). The Mike Cristaldi team spokesman refused to make any comment on the newspaper reports that appeared in the Minneapolis and was limited to say there was nothing new about what inform. The arrival of Rubio in the Timberwolves will end point to an endless series of negotiations between the catalan player and managers and to the owner of the Minnesota team. The more active in the process of negotiation and personal conviction to Rubio that reached the NBA in the hands of the Timberwolves was its President David Kahn, who did not lose hope for the arrival of the Spanish International. Official end of season the official announcement of the arrival of Rubio in the Timberwolves will be not done until the end of the competition of the final phase in the ACB League, which is disputing in Spain, with the participation of the Regal FC Barcelona. Meanwhile, NBA star of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love, already showed on Twitter interest for the information related to the possible arrival of Rubio team to play the next season, although at the end said that I will believe it when you see it. Rubio, who was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the number five for University draw of 2009, if you have decided to reach professionalism only will have to pay a million and a half from his pocket, plus 500,000 dollars which would bring the team maximum Minnesota allowed by the rules of the NBA, to be able to buy the contract that still binds him to Regal FC Barcelona. The Spanish player of 20 years has made the decision of reaching the NBA when there is a chance that is a lockout in the absence of agreement on the signing of a new collective agreement.