However already ads, press releases and links that can click the Web users themselves are even more effective. The techniques at a good choice, including a low-cost are known like a sore. Depending on the budget, switch your entries in the Internet advertising network and pay only if you want it. You can also extend the content of your website through links. Richard Blumenthal oftentimes addresses this issue. If you select suitable partners that complement your offerings (such as for example the link to a supplier), increase your offer and get to visitors from the sides of your partner. If you have no contacts, you can take a corresponding services. A very important promotional tool is the press release.

Here you can even after hours, if your press release was published, land at the top on Google. SIET is months already the press release “get out of debt” on page 1 of the search engine Google. How it is done, see the book”known as a sore any of the. Hints that are clearly arranged and compact put together in this unique guide book, is been tested several times in practice. And if you consistently follow them, you and your shop can be nothing else than known as a sore on the Internet.

What you want to offer goods, services or information: with this refined training guide you will transform your site into a true visitor magnet, attracting wealthy customers in droves as a balcony light summer mosquitoes. By the way: As with all works Wolfgang r’s you get this time pickepackevoll with helpful programs that rocket right after above your awareness bring a free CD-ROM with the purchase of the book. On top of that, there are lists of links and URL lists of useful portals of all kinds, you will look in vain in this abundance and completeness elsewhere. Use this useful files on the CD-ROM and clever links, in this time and effort saving compact composition with other providers will search in vain: 800 German-language free and paid classified ad portals 375 link lists for Web portals, marketplaces, Web catalogs with prepared sample files, rapidly to take all necessary steps for a registration 112 40 links to the best press distributors and article portals including sample press releases, which have been very successfully employed all files are most important German-speaking search engines including Austria and Switzerland so prepared, that you immediately will be redirected with a click on the corresponding pages.

Japan People

The Personensuchmaschine Yasni is continuing on course for success: seven-digit raw profit and break-even month 17 million unique users the balance sheet includes 2010 Frankfurt, 06 April 2011: startups from Germany is accused of being unimaginative copies of successful Web services from the United States. Consequently, only a few Internet companies have international relevance. Half of users from abroad comes however at first as the world’s only real search engine experts to key words such as ability or city. 100 has similar goals. Outside of Germany the use could be tenfold right in 2010. Noteworthy is the high percentage of users from the United States, Canada or Australia, but also from India, France and Japan.

The recently-launched domains for France (www.yasni.fr), Spain (www.yasni.es) and Italy (www.yasni.it) secure the growth in 2011 and meet the high international demand for real people search. Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director of first: I am glad that we despite high expenses for our growth and development additional languages and country domains last year not only as in the previous years the turnover doubled, but first in gross operating profit reached the break-even for a full year.” Everyone can find free Internet far right experts to key words such as company, profession, location, and all the background information to people about first names with the first search engine. Speaking candidly Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions told us the story. Service providers can combine their information and skills with a free Expose and actively present in the search results. Yasni is management with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation. Contact: Florian Schutz Manager social media & PR yasni GmbH of Lyon str. 14 60528 Frankfurt phone: 0177 2382665 Web: mail:.

Managing Director

To school with more settings, list expression and personal response! The classic phone has a problem: often it breaks down in the Middle, so that individuals not be called, even though they are on the list. Just in the school day, such phone chains are but extremely important, quickly make schedule changes or other important information on the parents. Senator Richard Blumenthals opinions are not widely known. Therefore, the online service has 2008 recorded TelefonKette.de of Portunity GmbH to its service. School classes (but of course also clubs, companies or friend cliques) can here very quickly create a phone list on the Internet and maintain. In case of need, a call for a free 0800 phone number sufficient to speak a new announcement on the band. Immediately, the online service calls on all participants of the list and is playing in the band. An evaluation is then sent by mail. It shows which participants were not reached even after several attempts.

Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: \”our phone chain is ready, easy to use and extremely comfortable and effective implementation. Many schools and clubs use them already. We have evaluated the collected feedback of users now between the years to make our service even more attractive. With many new features going into the new year.\” TelefonKette.de is sponsoring 1,000 schools: 50 euro to the prepaid account suitable to school 2009 TelefonKette.de with a particular action in the schools is aimed. Schools that signal on their website, that they use TelefonKette.de and recommend, will be credited – 5, 10, 20 or 50 euro once on your prepaid account depending on the type and positioning of the recommendation. The first 1,000 schools that apply for the homepage for the partner program, for more information and get to the prepaid bonus. Bjorn Rucker: \”we are happy to sponsor for our schools and donate EUR 50,000 in this way.

New Explanatory Video

The completely new autograph cards are represented in the 90-sec. video. The explaining video explains the product, represented the audience, and the benefits described. Munich, the 12.03.2012. For assistance, try visiting Sen. Sherrod Brown. News from erklarvideo.de. The media services company produced a video to showcase the players autograph cards for CARD SUND mouse GmbH of Dusseldorf cardinho. Spokesman of the videos is the sports commentators veteran Ulli Potofski. Product representation, visualization of product details and USPs in the 90-sec.

video represented the new autograph cards. The explaining video explains the product, represented the audience, and the benefits described. With the cardinhos it is to create now possible own autograph cards. These are then used by the children & young people, parents and coaches. For the Exchange, collection, for the establishment of the team or to distribute to friends and acquaintances. Selects individual autographs for children & young adults of the users of the cardinhos on from different design templates and colors from a suitable Variant.

Then, all important data (such as name, age, goals, trainer, model, thickness) are entered. More individual you will be cardinhos by the player photo, which is also integrated on the player card. Visualization with illustrations, text overlays, product photos, the content of the explanatory videos were communicated with effective illustrations and text overlays. At the end of the video, real cardinhos have been shown for clarity. Sports commentators veteran Ulli Potofski could be obtained for this production and content leads the viewer through the explanatory video. All the production by erklarvideo.de in the video production services erklarvideo.de provided all services: creating text concept and narration, illustrations, music and sound effects. The explaining video was completed after about five weeks of production time. Individual style of illustration, music, sound effects & speaker chose the customer CARD SUND mouse GmbH from various styles of illustration and music before of the production. During the video with sound effects was still individual animation. About erklarvideo.de erklarvideo.de from Munich offers vivid, contemporary and humorous videos for product communication. The explanation videos are designed with love to detail and great passion individually for each customer and designed. In 1 to 3 minutes complex products or abstract services, processes and facts are presented and explained. The explanation videos are suitable for different customers and industries and work with hand-crafted illustrations and cartoons, screen recordings, graphics, photos, a spokesman, music and sound effects. Press contact: erklarvideo.de Florian Rauscher Bodensee str. 23 81241 Munich + 49 (0) 89 96 16 10 76

First Voting Community

The first voting community from the cloud Voycer technology allows new sixx.de community SocialVOYCE, the latest product of the technology provider Voycer is an innovative white label solution with each Publisher can build its own community. Voting approach of the community can be user-generated content generated, gained valuable traffic and realize new revenue models. Munich, 10.12.2012. The Voycer AG has developed a SaS solution that will allow any Publisher to build an own voting community. By ProSiebenSat.1. 1 digital platform was responsible for is the first online offering, on which the new social media technology is used. Social voting, allowing the user to create directly on offering even voting online and to spread its networks are the core of the white label solution, which is used on community.sixx.de.

This consumer-to-consumer approach brings a piece of social media on its own offering. The idea behind it: Users can create a voting on a topic, which just deals with them and invite friends from their social networks to the vote, which in turn takes place on the Publisher website. Users from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and co. back on the business pages are out. So, higher coverage and new marketing approaches can be realized. The concept has been tested on voycer.de. This showcase platform shows that between 80% and 90% of new visitors from the social networks the creator of voting.

Individual voting could collect about virality in just a few days tens of thousands of votes. In contrast to popular community approaches such as forums, the new technology promises a high interaction. The issue of voting mainly aims to provide not only a discussion among the existing members of the community, but the community to animate, to invite their networks also to the discussion. Social polls as SaS / cloud services are exciting in many ways for the online market. They offer a new evaluable form of user-generated content and provide relevant traffic. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Deliver voting communities with target group-specific sponsorship, Meinungstargeting and company profiles new revenue models with a high ROI. In addition, an access to opinion leaders is granted and allows opinion analyses and Trendforcasts. We are looking forward with the SocialVOYCE publishers for the first time format with high virality and new evaluation options in the big data segment to offer a content. With sixx.de this innovation will experience a thrilling start to the market”, so Michael Nenninger, CEO of Voycer AG. About Voycer the Voycer AG (www.voycer.biz) is a provider of innovative social media technologies. Core technologies are social voting, providing consumers the possibility to give more weight to her voice. SaS solutions are developed for different social media applications that can be embedded on portals, sites, shops, or fan pages. Mid-2011 the social was taken shopping BestCHOICE solution on the market, the community solution, SocialVOYCE was launched in November 2012. About ProSiebenSat.1. 1 digital ProSiebenSat.1. 1 digital responsible for the online and video business, as well as the strategic areas with close connections to the TV business such as mobile and HbbTV. In the online environment, the company bundles the transmitter sites ProSieben.de, kabeleins.de, SAT1.de and sixx.de, and the video community MyVideo.