The Government Investigation

The Government was to investigate the repair of the effects of the tsunami in Tahilandia since the whipping of the sea was beautiful in Galicia. Began to appear, published by prestigious publishing houses, works with titles such as: “I was wrong,” “Democracy was not enough,” “commissions odd number and less than two,” “The Return of the desired”; ” Dictionary accelerated patriotic young people born after 1976 “… The Minister of Education decided to eliminate as a compulsory subject” Citizenship Education “and ordered to urgently prepare a Memorandum of Understanding with the Holy See about the Spanish religious background, behind the Cardinal Carela Ronco, because “no valor polite” and “some things never forget” that must draw people to the street. The UN sent a friendly and EU observers appointed an inquiry commission to investigate explicit that only if necessary. At the end of the day Spain will soon touch the presidency of the body.

The Prime Minister thought it appropriate to open a dialogue of consensus to which he invited all political forces including the opposition. Charles Rangel is often quoted as being for or against this. The opposition did not move. The Spanish royal family either. The Foundation also. German neo-Nazis offered ideological and monetary support to their fellow Spanish. The Americans were a bit lost. You did not remember who was Franco. They asked the CIA to review files and it found strolling Esinhower films Madrid, along with Franco, in an open car to cheers and plenty of food assistance provided bills to the Government of Argentina Franco through the General Peron.


But how to introduce such a gaucho from the Pampas to my children, in the midst of all that whizzed since they open their eyes until they close? There seems to be something that is in their other wants to pee. Big brother or what to hear. Hear the parents of siblings. Solemnly brother, looks at his sister, his face was not me and the other in the style of the one carrying cat Sherk, he looks the ogre with the intention of asking something and asks him: Take me with you to run errands . She denies the word and emphasis with his whole body. As for the other does not fit even a shadow of a doubt of their intentions not to take or to the door.

Reminding the disastrous results of the last time you behaved brother. Among other tasks the madman in question divided slaps strangled, abarajando, here and there, how much candy is crossing his eyes or failing on his way. The cries uttered by her throat bare. The good ladies of the neighborhood looking big frown to those who caused such a stampede and criticizing the mother who bore them, literally, for rudeness with which it educates the poor ignoring strenuous efforts of a deadly cyber-age for fulfill that purpose. Sister stoically cheaper whole theater without tears up the great leap of the great ninja and all the juggling that had the smallest convincing. So I sing my heart I left. She looks as if to say, speak now or forever, to be your last wish, before they slip between my fingers but it softens the face, it softens and eventually all leads. The torture again.

Back again and armed struggle before the mother in question, can utter a hello constantly erupting volcano erupt again. But when the astral conjunction in alliance makes conspiracy, no one will win and not lose a second to remember the moral of the brothers gaucho be united. For example is a model of command, when taken by assault the pan with the chicken sauce and spread on bread to get the last juice to the food. They are az and two become one, in a limited partnership and action at the time to put the hooks on the cake from the oven and serves to fill in if they leave filled with what to do. If you challenge any of the two, the other comes out of nowhere begging leniency when sentencing penalties. The smallest of look at me like I need a lawyer and sister go pay to recite the rights of the child and ask, totally self-confidence, if the alzehimer still leaves me to remember as I was their age. It is the first to sow guilt in war and love, anything goes, and my oldest daughter says seems to have learned effectively. Well, what else to say but true, the brothers are united, should be adapted to that maxim is not covered when they quarrel, but in regard to the outside, and I include are united as God commands. Become partners in two for the playfulness, unlimited irresponsibility in society, in limited partnership shares in towards the mother, in the end, God makes the wind scatters flock together.