The Peasant

A lawn mower combed to our … "Creativity." The same options were rejected with a set of screwdrivers (under any employee can find the corresponding screwdriver), with a saw (he saw us and no gash), and a set of hammers. Next were considered less rigid gifts. Mary offered to give him a massage exotic. Simply put, the boss sent a massage to be there … otmassazhirovali.

At the same guys together pogygykali from different sides. Another was to offer dinner in the dark. Serge all insisted that it is necessary to present a bouquet of flowers. At that the older and more experienced colleagues males reacted rapidly-negative. Mol what flowers to the peasant? Then someone from the men remembered that during his youth, our boss is a military man. There were also handed down two more options. The first is the school of survival. How to read aloud ad ad: a dizzying adventure that will survive …

will be the most vivid memories … away from the city (somewhere far away it is desirable), the surrounding people, offices … all alone … waiting for something incredible … Then we realized that this time we will be waiting for something incredible, like a new game: survival of the whole department! The second option was a simple and effective. Parachute jump. Men at once conferred and decided that for chef parachute jump – it's too trite. And suggested a more exotic gift: a jump without a parachute. However, this idea had to cancel because if he likes this exotic gift, it is with pleasure will apply it to us …


Well suited for off-season, when there stoked. The only drawback – the frequent use of 'rolled' (ie on the surface formed pellets). Linen fabric – the oldest. It was used in Ancient Egypt. Flax plant does not require special care, but here the traditional technology of manufacturing yarns from a very, very labor intensive. Nevertheless, of old masters achieved extraordinary quality linen products. Cloth turned out fine, but strong and socks, with a characteristic muted sheen.

Subsequently, when the hand weaving of the past, there were weaving textiles and flax began to make those tissues that we can buy today. In Europe, an expensive linen clothes belong to the class 'luxury', but in Russia linen is available and cheap. Silk – the most expensive and elegant material for bed linen. But it is different, and should pay more attention to its properties, then to not be disappointed. The highest quality, but also the most expensive silk – the Japanese. These fabrics are made exclusively by hand or by manufactures small family.

In Japan there are over 500 varieties of silk, bearing the beautiful names and manufactured throughout the country (by comparison, is common in Europe, only 4 species). When someone tells you to be careful with silk, because it slips, cools and forms a clue, it means only one thing: your partner had an affair with cheap material. Land of the Rising Sun has exceptional knowledge and experience in the manufacture of high quality silk, and such troubles can not happen with Japanese tissue.