Changes in behavior, especially in management, needed to manage the company’s processes and controls summarized them in: 1. external orientation towards the customer, against internal product orientation. 2 Merge into people thinking and action for improvement against Tayloriana logic. He is not working more but work otherwise. 3. Commitment to results from compliance. 4 Processes and clients facing departments and heads. 5.

Participation and support against hierarchy and control. 6. Liability on the process front functional hierarchical authority. Processes are always designed by managers; When they are focused to meet certain needs internal, such as control or limitations of departmental responsibility, feature a series of questionable value-added activities. If we clearly define the mission and objectives of the processes in terms of added value perceived by customers, automatically will be highlighted those activities regarded as ineffective and therefore indispensable. Objectives of management by processes As a system of quality management that is the main objective of the process management is to increase the results of the company through achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. In addition to increasing productivity through:.-reduce unnecessary internal costs (without value-added activities). -Shorten delivery times (reduce cycle times).

-Improve the quality and the value perceived by customers so that this it is comfortable working with the supplier. -Incorporate additional activities of service, low cost, whose value is easy to perceive by the customer (e.g.:) Information) To understand the management by processes you can consider it as a system whose main elements are: The key processes Coordination and the control of its functioning. The management of your improvement. No doubt a company of this type with process equipment highly autonomous is more agile, efficient, flexible and enterprising than classical bureaucratized functional organizations. In addition it is closest and better targeted towards the customer..The ultimate aim of the management by processes is to make compatible the improvement of the satisfaction of the customer with best business results. Process management is understood easily by his overwhelming logic, but is assimilated with difficulty by the paradigmatic changes that contains. Notes from the Chair in management of processes (source gestiopolis.