It Will Be That This Country Does Not Have More Fixes?

Professor Me. Ciro Jose Toaldo This is an article of a citizen whom it does not support plus as much imposture and enganao in a country where millions of diligent citizens, worthy, honest reliable of its duties, many times is in doubts if they must continue having this form of behavior. I continue believing justice, but divine justice, therefore to each day that passes if it sees people simple, humble and without ownership, them they are the only ones to pay its penalty, while others as much nor are there for nothing, therefore know that to such justice human being it will give to solution for its case. In the such jeitinho Brazilian, atrelado with the demagogy if takes the life, obviously that a half dozen always goes taking off advantages in everything. Sen. Sherrod Brown might disagree with that approach. Expensive reader, if does not scare, only continues reading this article with a little of indignation. She is necessary to leave the comodismo and to have the courage in affirming that something needs to move in our nation, will not be with ‘ ‘ gossips and say that it says of the time of campaign eleitoral’ ‘ that we will have modifications. That it is clearly that I do not write with intention to attack somebody: nor party, nor authority or politicians; we need to make a great one will mutiro to promote one I fix in ‘ ‘ rano’ ‘ that it came with elapsing of the history of the nation. For the majority that has to be able, they think about itself and as to take off advantage she stops in it if she perpetuates (especially if of the power they happen financial profit). She does not have doubt, great part of what she walks happening is guilt of the proper people who if accomodates and faces everything with normality.

Protecting Your Rights

Seeing the Constitution to be treated as one, injured for the fall of the purchasing power of my expiration! He gives one is enough in this unconstitutionality. ‘ ‘ He finishes ratio’ ‘. – Respectfully, To demand one’s rights is ok. We are not litigant dishonest, we only want what the inflation took. Paulo Coelho may also support this cause. We do not only have who acts as a lawyer for us. We are ORPHANS? Without SUPPORT? If it will not have pressure of the base, the cupola will remain static, an action only provokes reaction, or fights for our rights or will perish (in the beggary). – All Brazilian that has resources for this are authorized and requested since already reproducing this acknowledgment and making to publish it in the agency of media of its preference, as well as divulging it for any other ways to its reach.

Preserved the Text and the Source. ‘ ‘ THE ARMED FORCES HAVE THE SACRED DUTY TO HINDER, TO ANY COST, THE IMPLANTATION IT COMMUNISM IN BRAZIL. Attention: All Brazilian family had, has or will have a member serving to the Armed Forces. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Steve Rattner. Our Warlike Equipment is sucateados, old, unbalanced. The wages of the military are with 135% imbalance. Our necessary Country to be prepared stops to defend our wealth. It thinks about this! It divulges! email, ‘ ‘ The politicians compose two groups, one formed for incapable people, and another one for capable people of to do’ ‘.

State Par

The antecedents of the movement of emancipation of Tapajs are old, the idea of the creation of this new Federative Unit left of the central government have 150 years more than, date of the beginning of century XIX. After the installation of the Republic, had been made some proposals of territorial reordenamento of Brazil and all, always evidenced the Amaznia and citing the Tapajs, either as province or as a been future. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Blumenthal. 1984 – Fight for the plebiscite of the state of the Tapajs. 1988 – State of the Tapajs, in the Constitutional conventional.

1993 – Signatures and Project of Senator Mozarildo Cavalcanti 1995 – Report of the Commission of Territorial Studies of the State legislature of Par gave viability to the creation of the state of the Tapajs. 1999- Projects of the Legislative Decree of Plebiscitria Consultation on the creation of the state of Tapajs 2010 – the Commission of the Amaznia, National Integration and of Regional Development approved the project of invocation of the plebiscite on the division of Par for creation of the States of Tapajs and Carajs. We have five reasons so that the creation of the new states occurs that are Tapajs and Carajs. The lack of presence of the public power in isolated areas as the West of Par, stops the regional economic development. Gigantic states as Par and Amazon, are impracticable of the partner-economic and administrative point of view. U.S.A., without the Alasca, has lesser area that of Brazil and counts on the double of States.

Electronic Ballot

The hour is arriving. Lack little so that all Brazilian we let us participate of plus a democratic election. I feel myself as if it was to vote the first time, even so I already it has 48 years and it votes since 1982 – time where we could not, still, to vote pra president, consequence of the time that some hypocritical ones nor has shame to say that they were better, year that I entered the Institute of Arts and Comunicao (IAC) of the PUC of Campinas to make the course of Journalism. If you have read about Sen. Sherrod Brown already – you may have come to the same conclusion. as the brochures of campaigns had evolved. Today multicolorful, full of photos. Read more from Steve Rattner financier to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Nor if they compare with the ones of my infancy, at the time I, my brothers and friends we collected of the streets the small ballots.

They were written in black letters in white papers, roses, greens, yellows or blue clear, with photo they were rarities and the photographs were in white black color and. It had assembly in the Square in front of the Brothers Fly, Industrial Park, in Campinas, and presentations of films of the Road Watchman, time that nor if heard to speak of tolls. It was the end of years 60. Of certain form, I grew dreaming of the day to participate of Election, not as candidate, as voter. My deceased father, who was sergeant of the extinct Nocturnal Guard of Campinas, had true ritual until leaving to vote.

At that time, the voting was in the Day of the Announcement of the Republic, 15 of November. It dressed its tender white, left impecavelmente clean for my mother, and has left, generally taking I or some of my brothers, until the electoral section. Rigid, nor we papa disclosed its vote, that was private. With it I learned that never we had omitting in them. It did not annul vote or left blank and with its simple skill of migrante northeastern (of the Paraba) he taught that ‘ ‘ if he did not express its will, could place a name any in the blank ballot ‘ ‘ – at that time nor if he dreamed of Electronic Ballot box – Carried through the voting ritual, my father was days and days following in the radio of valves and for periodicals notice that they would indicate resulted of the elections. Learned the lesson, since 82, my first election, except a time for total lack of option and still in ballot of paper, never I annulled vote. It was in me the culture that null or white vote is omission and this does not combine when we are called to define the future of the country, states or of the cities, either opting in keeping what it is good or deciding in firm and conscientious way to move what it is bad. Teachings that will not pass relate washing the hands with omission. Therefore, I prefer to participate and to remember a music of the Ivan Lins: ‘ ‘ I did not wash the hands and therefore it is that I feel each cleaner time ‘ ‘

Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti

I see in Brazil, for example, the said opposition (it is not the first time that this occurs) criticizes Squid for if involving in negotiation in the distant Anger. If leader world-wide if to omit in relation to the future of the planet, our only house, nor future will have The world-wide peace also is subject yes for Brazilian us, today people of a Government that conquered respect in the order world-wide economic politics and not only in Pantries of the World of Soccer. Dramaturgo Nelson Rodrigues said that Brazilian we had ‘ ‘ syndrome of capsizes-latas’ ‘ until gaining the first Pantry, in 58. Today we have five world-wide ones and we see said compatriots who if substimam, as if they were not part of our people. Recently Sen. Sherrod Brown sought to clarify these questions. She swims I have against dogs, without race defined, calls turn-cans, also are pretty and fidiciary offices, but people cannot diminish themselves, cannot leave themselves to lead for pejorativas comparisons. Steven Rattner financier: the source for more info. Today we have a country respected in other fields beyond the esportivos and this is necessary to be express, is pride reason. In the TV of Brazil, presenters and reporters expressed in the face concern patronal in relation our ambassadress in the ONU Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti to have if refused to participate of the meeting that it would extend sanctions to the Anger, this one day after president Lula to have been the news as leader of the peace accord.

I felt pride of the diplomat and being Brazilian. He has a history that I remember the infancy of the forest in flame and the great animals running away, while a bird, under chacotas of excessively, loaded in the peak water nugget to spill in the fire. It tried a good thing, if he was not bigger, at least was better of what the nothing had made. Congratulations Squid (Brazil), Abdullah Gul (Turkey) and Ahmadinejad (Anger), the minimum effort for the peace are better that omission or declaration of war.

Indicating Processes

Moreover, he makes possible the search for comparative referenciais to elaborate the demonstrative of necessary results to the fulfilling of the relative Report of Management to criterion 7. Results and the joint use with the technique of benchmarking for the improvement of the management. In the Panel of Pointers (Picture 6) they are related: ) Name of the Pointer; b) Strategical focus (FAITH) of the TRT/RJ, inside of the methodology of Balanced ScoreCard (BSC), developed in the strategical planning; c) Item of Criterion of Resultados (ICR) of the PQGF, making possible implanting benchmarking with other participant institutions of the PQGF and the Court of Accounts of Unio (TCU) and serving, therefore, of comparative referencial. Picture 2. Indicating panel of Pointers Strategical Focus (FAITH) Item of Criterion of Resultados (ICR) Degree of estruturao of the net of knowledge A11 AP 7,4 Effectiveness of the training A12 AP 7,4 Accomplishment of qualification A12 AP 7,4 Abrangncia of training A12 AP 7,4 1) Accompaniment of expenditure 2 F1 FI 7,3) Accompaniment of investment F1 FI 7,3 3) Indicating of the Report of Management of the Annual Taking of Accounts F1 FI 7,3 4) Percentile of collect of taxes and taxes 5 F1 FI 7,3) Accompaniment of the payment of the pendencies of staff 6 F2 FI 7,3) Disponibilizao of technology of the information 7 P10 PI 7,7) Supply of processes 8 P9 PI 7,6) Degree of attendance to the procedural demand 9 P9 PI 7,6) average Age of the processes in supply 10 P9 PI 7,6) Index of satisfaction of the internal customer 11 P9 PI 7,7) Time medium of permanence of the processes until the judgment 12 P9 PI 7,6) Level of functional performance U4 AP 7,4 13) Degree of satisfaction of the users U5 US 7,1 14) Image of the TRT/RJ next to the society U4 US 7,1 15) Implantation of the internal social controls U4 US 7,1 16) Effectiveness of the demands to the Ouvidoria U4 US 7,2 Source: Elaborated for author 5. .

Well First Coming President

Edson Silva did not advance the coup-minded, even so powerful minority and detainer of forces that had included representatives of the great media, to try to take the electoral dispute for the field of them would lower, rumors, faded lies and defamation. One more time the hope won the fear, or as it was more clearly in this presidential campaign of 2010, the truth won the lie. The election of Dilma, that already comes with the historical mark of it to be the first elect woman president of Brazil, must follow the consolidation of the programs of the government Squid, for desperation of the opponents, almost national unamimity, with approval of more than 90% of the Brazilians, according to research. Taking itself in account that Squid caught a country in very different situation of that it leaves for Dilma, woman who assisted Squid to consolidate the majority of the projects that had inverted the situation that was very common in the country, that is, of not being possible to conciliate economic development and distribution of income. Therefore, Dilma receives Brazil very better, generating more jobs, with millions and millions of life people improving, either for leaving the misery condition or to ascend for the middle class. With more than 59,5 million votes received in this as turn, majority in the Senate and the Federal Chamber, Dilma has conditions to make excellent government. To convert into profits for the social health, education, culture, infrastructure, security and areas the wealth that will come of Daily pay-Salt, to extend workmanships of the CAP, the Stock market Family, My House My Life, to stimulate university courses and technician, to support research, to keep the growth of the country, the respect that Brazil earned in the world and to give examples of organization with important events, as the Pantry of the World of 2014 and who knows? The unknown ones in Latin America, Olimpadas of 2016, done conquest still in the government Squid/Dilma. In the first turn, Dilma had in the country 47.651.434 votes (46.91%) and Mountain range 33.132.283 (32.61%).

Unhappyly, my been beloved of So Paulo, with a population always aguerrida and so prepared well, if it left to be successful for lies and the biggest voting of the natives of So Paulo was for Mountain range 9.524.050 votes (40.66%), Dilma had 8.740.949 (37.31%). In this as turn, the situation if repeated, with more than 12 million votes for Mountain range and little more than 10 million for Dilma. Already reason of great pride is that the city that more I esteem: Sumar where work gave to lesson of gratefulness and recognition to the government Squid. In the first turn, Dilma had 59,989 votes (48.71%) in Sumar and Serra 34,126 (27.71%); In this as turn, they had been 71,532 votes for Dilma, against 47.315 for Mountain range. With the permission of God, excellent desire government dignssima president Dilma, after all the victory of it in the election makes sensible successfully in the position, what it will almost represent victory of the 190 million Brazilians. Already for the minority of cons whom if as, it looks to make some good thing for the country and tries daqui four years.

San Jose Great

In a process of management of problems, especially, in the public administration he is basic that the manager has conscience and ability to detect the order of importncias of the problems, being able to make use of ' ' tree of problemas' ' that according to Malmegrin (2010) ' ' it is a representation of the chain cause and effect of problems under the form of a tree, with the problem analyzing in the central position, the cause below (roots of the tree) and the consequncias above (the twigs of the tree) ' '. The public administration has an enormous one to lead of services to give and for consequncia the problems follow rhythm the same, but the solutions are ' ' equally great and variadas' ' , that is, if the manager is competent always to find good solutions for the problems that if present. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. A real example of a great problem was the case of the 33 mineradores soterrados in a mine of copper and gold in San Jose, to the North of Chile, ha 700m of depth in the year of 2010 – that valley to stand out that it happened for mediation and neglicencia of the administrators of that mineradora, as it was informed by the reporters of the time. But, happily with the international support well it was managed and it got success. Although the great privations suffered for the soterrados ones, as if to feed with two spoons of tuna and way milk cup to each two days, and it rescue to have delayed 70 days, all had been freed with life? the main objective that was to protect the life of the soterrados ones was reached. In elapsing of the process of release of the soterrados ones proper stages of the management of problems had been followed: 1 stage – identification of the problem: 33 the 700 imprisoned people depth m whose temperature varies of 32C 34C, are in a chamber that was open later that the mine fell down.


The environment does not spend tanto’ ‘ ‘ ‘ material and to know that pra makes a good sociedade’ ‘. Other answers mention the question of the relationship enter the people in the work environment: ‘ ‘ I taste of the peace. James Donovan Goldman can provide more clarity in the matter. Taste to arrive and to make my work and nobody me prejudicar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Positive, I do not know as well as explaining, but positive it is, for example, everything what I am making there and am trying that, I am trying to learn optimum possible. Then I find that this is one positividade’ ‘ ‘ ‘ the relationship is ok. It never had problems with ningum’ ‘. Amongst the pointed aspects as negative, many are mentioned to the relationship between the cooperated ones, and are expressed of diverse forms: ‘ ‘ much people enter here without knowing what she is here. She goes to discover later that she is not what thought.

She is not what she was looking for. is a frustration there. He is rebelled and it deducts in the first one that aparece’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The professionalism inside is very complicated here because some question the way of to work of others. I am a neutral person. I have five years inside here already I do not put myself in the service of the neighbor. To arrive here on saying that the person is not working, that she is lacking, that she is arriving been slow. These are the points that I not taste.

Better President

The greater and better president of Brazil Robert Ramalho are Lawyer, Journalist, Public Relations and studious of subjects politicians do not have shades of doubts that president Luis Incio Lula da Silva is the president of the Republic most important that she passed for the Palace of Plateaus in the five hundred years of our history politics, social, economic and cultural. Its way to govern pleases to all the Brazilians. From there its great popularity, mainly between the northeasterns and oldest. Currently according to research justinian codes its popularity reaches a 78% level (seventy and eight) percent, index that none another president of the Republic reached in all the times. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. Beyond the investments in public health, agriculture, commerce, cattle and in the industry, its government if detaches in the social area with the social programs Stock market-Family and the Proune. I can in the filiar future me to a contrary political party, but Squid was and is the biggest president who Brazil already had in all its history.

Been born in the interior of Pernambuco, Squid was for So Paulo where if it became metallurgist and time later established the party of the workers in 1980, being its president. After three frustrate attempts when the president of the Republic was candidate, losing respectively for Fernando Collor, and Fernando Enrique Cardoso, finally defeat Jose Mountain range of the PSDB and becomes president of the Republic, being later reeleito winning Geraldo Alckmin of the PSDB. Now, when its candidate Dilma Rousseff launched for the Party of the Workers having with vice-president the peemedebista Michel Temer Squid is finally obtaining to transfer votes to it, demonstrating all to its prestige politician with all the social classes of the society. Jose Mountain range that still has little time led all the research of vote, being successful Dilma Rousseff, also in as the turn with recess, now sees its superiority to go mainly for water below with the vertiginous growth of the candidate of the Party of the Workers, that also in two research wins recent it, in the first turn. But still he has much soil for the front and the two candidates still are embolados in the way of field. He goes to be fight of great dog in the final straight line. He will be successful what he will have prepared more and he will have better proposals for the country. But she will be president Luis Incio Lula da Silva who will more make the difference in the final straight line with its prestige politician each time in high, being respected in such a way for the elites economic politics and, as for the middle class and mainly the poor person who it helped sufficiently during its government.