Well First Coming President

Edson Silva did not advance the coup-minded, even so powerful minority and detainer of forces that had included representatives of the great media, to try to take the electoral dispute for the field of them would lower, rumors, faded lies and defamation. One more time the hope won the fear, or as it was more clearly in this presidential campaign of 2010, the truth won the lie. The election of Dilma, that already comes with the historical mark of it to be the first elect woman president of Brazil, must follow the consolidation of the programs of the government Squid, for desperation of the opponents, almost national unamimity, with approval of more than 90% of the Brazilians, according to research. Taking itself in account that Squid caught a country in very different situation of that it leaves for Dilma, woman who assisted Squid to consolidate the majority of the projects that had inverted the situation that was very common in the country, that is, of not being possible to conciliate economic development and distribution of income. Therefore, Dilma receives Brazil very better, generating more jobs, with millions and millions of life people improving, either for leaving the misery condition or to ascend for the middle class. With more than 59,5 million votes received in this as turn, majority in the Senate and the Federal Chamber, Dilma has conditions to make excellent government. To convert into profits for the social health, education, culture, infrastructure, security and areas the wealth that will come of Daily pay-Salt, to extend workmanships of the CAP, the Stock market Family, My House My Life, to stimulate university courses and technician, to support research, to keep the growth of the country, the respect that Brazil earned in the world and to give examples of organization with important events, as the Pantry of the World of 2014 and who knows? The unknown ones in Latin America, Olimpadas of 2016, done conquest still in the government Squid/Dilma. In the first turn, Dilma had in the country 47.651.434 votes (46.91%) and Mountain range 33.132.283 (32.61%).

Unhappyly, my been beloved of So Paulo, with a population always aguerrida and so prepared well, if it left to be successful for lies and the biggest voting of the natives of So Paulo was for Mountain range 9.524.050 votes (40.66%), Dilma had 8.740.949 (37.31%). In this as turn, the situation if repeated, with more than 12 million votes for Mountain range and little more than 10 million for Dilma. Already reason of great pride is that the city that more I esteem: Sumar where work gave to lesson of gratefulness and recognition to the government Squid. In the first turn, Dilma had 59,989 votes (48.71%) in Sumar and Serra 34,126 (27.71%); In this as turn, they had been 71,532 votes for Dilma, against 47.315 for Mountain range. With the permission of God, excellent desire government dignssima president Dilma, after all the victory of it in the election makes sensible successfully in the position, what it will almost represent victory of the 190 million Brazilians. Already for the minority of cons whom if as, it looks to make some good thing for the country and tries daqui four years.

San Jose Great

In a process of management of problems, especially, in the public administration he is basic that the manager has conscience and ability to detect the order of importncias of the problems, being able to make use of ' ' tree of problemas' ' that according to Malmegrin (2010) ' ' it is a representation of the chain cause and effect of problems under the form of a tree, with the problem analyzing in the central position, the cause below (roots of the tree) and the consequncias above (the twigs of the tree) ' '. The public administration has an enormous one to lead of services to give and for consequncia the problems follow rhythm the same, but the solutions are ' ' equally great and variadas' ' , that is, if the manager is competent always to find good solutions for the problems that if present. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. A real example of a great problem was the case of the 33 mineradores soterrados in a mine of copper and gold in San Jose, to the North of Chile, ha 700m of depth in the year of 2010 – that valley to stand out that it happened for mediation and neglicencia of the administrators of that mineradora, as it was informed by the reporters of the time. But, happily with the international support well it was managed and it got success. Although the great privations suffered for the soterrados ones, as if to feed with two spoons of tuna and way milk cup to each two days, and it rescue to have delayed 70 days, all had been freed with life? the main objective that was to protect the life of the soterrados ones was reached. In elapsing of the process of release of the soterrados ones proper stages of the management of problems had been followed: 1 stage – identification of the problem: 33 the 700 imprisoned people depth m whose temperature varies of 32C 34C, are in a chamber that was open later that the mine fell down.


The environment does not spend tanto’ ‘ ‘ ‘ material and to know that pra makes a good sociedade’ ‘. Other answers mention the question of the relationship enter the people in the work environment: ‘ ‘ I taste of the peace. James Donovan Goldman can provide more clarity in the matter. Taste to arrive and to make my work and nobody me prejudicar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Positive, I do not know as well as explaining, but positive it is, for example, everything what I am making there and am trying that, I am trying to learn optimum possible. Then I find that this is one positividade’ ‘ ‘ ‘ the relationship is ok. It never had problems with ningum’ ‘. Amongst the pointed aspects as negative, many are mentioned to the relationship between the cooperated ones, and are expressed of diverse forms: ‘ ‘ much people enter here without knowing what she is here. Check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional information. She goes to discover later that she is not what thought.

She is not what she was looking for. is a frustration there. He is rebelled and it deducts in the first one that aparece’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The professionalism inside is very complicated here because some question the way of to work of others. I am a neutral person. I have five years inside here already I do not put myself in the service of the neighbor. To arrive here on saying that the person is not working, that she is lacking, that she is arriving been slow. These are the points that I not taste.

Better President

The greater and better president of Brazil Robert Ramalho are Lawyer, Journalist, Public Relations and studious of subjects politicians do not have shades of doubts that president Luis Incio Lula da Silva is the president of the Republic most important that she passed for the Palace of Plateaus in the five hundred years of our history politics, social, economic and cultural. Its way to govern pleases to all the Brazilians. From there its great popularity, mainly between the northeasterns and oldest. Currently according to research justinian codes its popularity reaches a 78% level (seventy and eight) percent, index that none another president of the Republic reached in all the times. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. Beyond the investments in public health, agriculture, commerce, cattle and in the industry, its government if detaches in the social area with the social programs Stock market-Family and the Proune. I can in the filiar future me to a contrary political party, but Squid was and is the biggest president who Brazil already had in all its history.

Been born in the interior of Pernambuco, Squid was for So Paulo where if it became metallurgist and time later established the party of the workers in 1980, being its president. After three frustrate attempts when the president of the Republic was candidate, losing respectively for Fernando Collor, and Fernando Enrique Cardoso, finally defeat Jose Mountain range of the PSDB and becomes president of the Republic, being later reeleito winning Geraldo Alckmin of the PSDB. Now, when its candidate Dilma Rousseff launched for the Party of the Workers having with vice-president the peemedebista Michel Temer Squid is finally obtaining to transfer votes to it, demonstrating all to its prestige politician with all the social classes of the society. Jose Mountain range that still has little time led all the research of vote, being successful Dilma Rousseff, also in as the turn with recess, now sees its superiority to go mainly for water below with the vertiginous growth of the candidate of the Party of the Workers, that also in two research wins recent it, in the first turn. But still he has much soil for the front and the two candidates still are embolados in the way of field. He goes to be fight of great dog in the final straight line. He will be successful what he will have prepared more and he will have better proposals for the country. But she will be president Luis Incio Lula da Silva who will more make the difference in the final straight line with its prestige politician each time in high, being respected in such a way for the elites economic politics and, as for the middle class and mainly the poor person who it helped sufficiently during its government.

Presenter Fernando Lion Speaks

Looked for the reporter Joo Wilson to say on the accident occurred in the Interior of SP Lion, it says that what had published on ' ' briga' ' it is not truth, I did not fight still more with nobody with drunk, but he is thus same still distort the facts had said that it also leaves irritated is not truth, same in the damage leaves giving laugh, when it said that I would be imprisoned for stopping in the way of the street not aguentei, only drunk to say this, I said! I arrest the lighthouse not, and I gave laugh I came back changed of car and came to So Paulo, but already I ordered to arrange is ready, asked on the Politics, R. Mr. is not same Candidate the Member of the house of representatives? Lion, I am not, now I go to leave the PTB, filiar me in another party and to leave candidate Mayor de Carapicuba in 2012, even though very premature to speak on possible candidacy I have exactly is that to take care of to work, and who knows later thinking about future politician, not necessary of this, R. Mr. return with the program in the television? yes with total certainty I I come back, R. has forecast when return? Lion in the month of September provalvelmente, R. in the NGT? Lion yes in the NGT is my house (laughs) to it there finishes of this interview I Reporter Joo Wilson in the trick said Lion goes to pay the lunch? Lion answered, ' ' we do not go to say in this subject for am of Jesus Christ ' ' if paid you nis go (it was many laughs) but finished it paying rsrs, you thank Mr. Fernando Lion, were very likeable received, well, demonstrated me very to much affection and humildade.. James Donovan Goldman contains valuable tech resources.

Civil Policy

I am not worried ' ' s' ' with the silence of the good ones, nor with ' ' Ekkipp' ' that it commands our destinations, whose directive determinismo and the magnificent one of the power for some creates a compound of fleuma and fingimento before a surrounding reality. Neither, I bind ' ' s' ' for the bajuladores of planto, that lose when snarling or to esbravejar of ours pajelanas wants for the cantos wants for done miditicos files of legal documents-falantes ' ' xupiniquins' ' rescuers of the native land. Also, I do not bind for those (as) that they teimam in if infuriating with ' ' outros' ' , before the passivity and the lack of strategical projects/planning. Nor I give to the minim, as said before, to the wrong choices that our pairs had made throughout the time, to start for accepting ' ' throat-baixo' ' our institucional retrocessions, aditivado for the lack of vision of future of our controllers and the total absence of resistance, since we are all victims of one ' ' xistema' '. In the same direction it passes, to the plaza to only ask me why ' ' involumos' ' institucionalmente? without precedents in history – especially during government LHS, although ' ' Delhegados' ' to have (and they continue being ' ' cooptados' ') occupying ranks ' ' xaves' ' in them you command and managements of the mother ' ' PC' ' , coexisting the privacy of the power and the proximity politicians of ' ' alinhanas' ' that they are succeeded to each quadrinio. Other questions, so done without for ours ' ' lderes' ' , as ' ' subsdios' ' , ' ' career jurdica' ' , ' ' TCs' ' , ' ' BOs' ' etc, also is predestinold to ' ' enhesquescimento' ' grace of its intrinsic volatileness and far ' ' andradeiam' ' or they consist of the order of the day, had been only used as new ' ' factdix' ' , reason because I ignore also them.

Tomahawk American

Its reach of one hundred and fifty kilometers, ally to a powerful radar capable to detect aircraft of low radar signature (as the aircraft stealth) and its capacity to abate as many missiles of cruise as the Tomahawk American how much missiles ballistic and aircraft in an angle of covering of 360 base such consideration. The Chinese had especially bought some batteries of missiles of the S-300 family, locating them in the neighborhoods of Pequim, Xangai and of the Strait of Formosa. Certainly they are the jewel of the antiaircraft defense strategical Chinese. However the limitation of the amount placed in service still denotes the insufficient antiaircraft protection of the RPC. Moreover, more modern versions of the missile, as variant S-300PMU2, already are operational in Russia.

The systems of antiaircraft defense in such a way tacticians how much operational in better they are been of what the strategical ones, being, therefore, capable to provide significant antiaircraft protection to the Chinese terrestrial forces. They are distinguished enters first portable missiles FN-6 and QW-1, whose technology is superior to the one of American FIM-92A Stinger. Among the tactical antiaircraft missiles, the Tor-M1 Russian is distinguished, also had as one of the best missiles antiaircraft tacticians of the present time, being also capable to abate cruise missiles. However, few batteries of this last one had been acquired by the Chinese, being insufficient to act with effectiveness. Moreover, it is necessary to cite that as much the tactical missiles how much operational they possess limited capacity to defend targets of strategical importance, limitation this that, in the case of these last ones, makes impracticable such mission of defense. The Air Force of the Army of Popular Release account today with more than two a thousand aircraft of combat, if fitting in this assignment the huntings and the aircraft of attack.


The same techniques try to all the peoples the same occupations, contribute to mold psychology, to become attached a common sensitivity. The cinema and the television concur vigorously for the caldeamento of the peoples for imitation or infect. Today if it can, travelling, to find in serious of countries same social and cultural phenomena, even in the existence decoration: the architecture already does not present as many differences between Asia and America how much before, exists until a functional style for the habitat, the industry, the administration. All the cities of the world are surrounded by the same cinturo of real estate sets of tenantable use. The proper suits if uniformizam, the games and the sports> If to go up plus a step in the scale of the beings has today deep of ideas common, constituted to a large extent by loans made to ocidente. The controllers politicians of all the countries say the same language.

All also speak in democracy, independence, freedom, equality, expansion, progress. the signal of that is constituting a species of vulgata. It has a common patrimony of values already not contested, that are admitted almost universally, even so, in it practises, it speaks very so that the social behavior of the controllers and relations if always conform with them. This will make with that when will be necessary to enter or to take any good natural, that> They are in full operation forces intellectual, spirituals and ideological of doctrines or of movements, that if considers to unify the world, that tends conscientiously for this, affirming the unit of the human sort. This was, first, the persistence of the great universalistas religions, the Christianity and the Isl. They had not lost the importance, continue to play an appreciable part in the unification, but she has been revezada, however helped, however fought, for great universalistas ideologies, as the marxism and the capitalism, that objectify the constitution, in the surface of the land, of a society without classrooms, nation and borders.

Iraq Highways

When through the reporters we hear the numbers of the occured deaths in the War of Iraq, we are frightened. It would not be for less, therefore ciphers denote average of 15 the 20 a thousand annual deceased in Iraq since the period of the American invasion in the one after 11 of September of 2001. However, we do not apercebemos in them that the number of deaths in the transit in Brazil is superior and very the war of Iraq. They is esteem that approximately 25 a thousand people enter every year in death in function of accidents in the transit, being that the accidents in state and federal highways answer for the biggest slice of number. Until approximately the decade of 1980, we had in Brazil some few highways that unhappyly were known by the great number of accidents in occurred them. But in the present time, thus called Highways of the Death if? they had multiplied? of frightful form. Logically that we must consider the increase of the same flow of vehicles and the imprudence on the part of some drivers, but the factor that preponders on the majority of the fatalities in these highways is still the lack of conservation of the same ones. A country as Brazil, with continental dimensions already would have much time, to have developed a project of intermodal transports, where the railroads and the hidrovias had more investments, so that the same ones could? to disencumber? I transit it in the highways.

But projects thus are elencados in electoral campaigns for the most diverse candidates, for the most different partisan acronyms, and to the end, simply they are forgotten. Intention porm is not here to argue the advantages and disadvantages of the Railroad and the Hidrovia and yes the necessary investments? urgent? for the highways, since to reorganize the transport in Brazil, she would be necessary of time and alliance between the civil and governmental society for such enterprise. The Center-South (englobando the South, Southeastern region and part of the Center-West) for describing? center? economic of Brazil it faces problems we serssimos with its Highways. The conserved highways are few and for them automobiles and great number of trucks pass through daily heavy that they carry the agricultural and industrial production from the country. It is fact that these few highways do not water down much time Are of first urgency the duplication of the Brazilian highways; so that let us not can depend on pedagiadas highways. Well well-taken care of highways more represent an incentive for the development of the Brazilian economy as well as the preservation of lives that is most important of everything.

Conserved highways would be the certainty to be able in the next holiday? to go down? them beaches and to know that we will come back to the one safe. In short my expensive readers; let us make our part stops with the national Highways through our vote in 03 of October as well as always let us continue charging and demanding the maintenance of our roads and highways and waiting who he knows in the future a system of intermodal transports where the term Highways of the Death had not passed of a sad past, but a past in the history of the development of Brazil and all we. He says not to? Highways of the Death.

Great Campina Ones

The blow of the monkey For Renato Ucha (educator) Teresina (PI) needs improvement in some services that are precarious. Garbage collection, absence of collectors in the region of the center, quarters. More, integration in the collective transports, (delayed approved). In Great Campina, city of the paraibano interior, the collective ones are integrated. Here, only in the paper. Urgent construction of worthy stops, with the withdrawal of woods. They speak in thirty. We need thousand.

It stops beyond the chaotic transit of the last years, streets and impassable avenues, flooded in the last and no longer next winter. They are examples. Several affirm that the absence of an effective planning of the city hall cause not the excellency in these services. Although boasted even in championship of visgo as the best ones. In if making critical contributions, the blow of the monkey: where of front for the adversary it jumps over its head buying at auction the same playing the two feet in the coasts. Teresina is the best city of the world pra to live, or to suffer, the choice is its, ours. After all we are all actors of this great tragedy and, for the elections that if approach they wait the blow. Nor all the monkeys will be in its twigs.

The gestada authoritarian culture in the period of the military dictatorship still becomes gift. Incrusted and enrustida in entire Brazil. The facisizao of and in the society if reflects, among others aspects, in the defense of the violence. Contanto that is for the children of the others: preference, death penalty. The advances in the public politics that minoram the situation of poverty of the kept out of society populations and open spaces for its cultural manifestations are visible in some areas. They need elastecimento in several. They are more than 500 years of social debt provoked by the elites who not if paid in an only stub-book. From there the courage in the option that if must make in the application of the public resources. Projects that effectively the legion of the disinherited ones absorbs historically predestinold to sleep in cardboard bed. The governing they need to understand that they are not kings. They are employee paid for the population, not obstante to think contrary. Finally, of some form, in some decade or century who knows, the depleted subordinate layers of promises will react to the enganao of the governing. It will not be of pacific form. In some states, for the total absence of these, crime leaves in the front. Already it imposes its laws, its territories, also in the airspace with falling of trees of helicopter of the policy recently in Rio De Janeiro. Without jury courts the sentence, for who goes to live or to die, is not published in the periodical of justice. Only the acknowledgment of the mass of seventh day. It is signed by air-15, many times at the hands of children adopted for the traffic. They would have to be in the schools. Meanwhile the deep silence of the intellectuals, to blow up the shame spandrels.