Pastoral Council

What if I am caused a little sadness, he is that the parish priest, also east support commentary, because I asked if he could comment to him wife to him on these subjects, and he responded that to no. Amazons opinions are not widely known. Fodder to me that somehow Mrs. Gabriela, prepared the parish priest to make him think that this was necessary. Our parish priest is a person of very good spiritual quality. The abuses and bad treatments towards him, from the lady in mention I could observe, them. The event that caused that it made the personal decision, to retire to me of the Pastoral Council, is the one that I want to narrate next.

Always my work hit my pastoral service; since my work is unstable, and nonstable like others, in which a person can order her free time. In a month of the year (that good nonmemory), in the parish was invited to a course of Liturgy to pastoral agents, which had a cost in money; and our parish priest registered and paid the cost for some members of the advice, of who I was including. He let to this know it the parish priest in a meeting (by all means that with the respective consultation to the members). The case is that just it was crossed a little while of my labor life, that was developed of a strong way. They were days of much work; and this preoccupation took to forget to me completely to me this course of Liturgy, and not even it can warn that it was not going to attend, by the forgetfulness as I repeat. After east strong moment of my work finished, I attended meeting of Pastoral Advice as always. (I want to explain a little, the days of attendance, so that it is understood better): When I belonged to the Pastoral Council, we met all the Mondays in afternoon.