Spanish Association

mundoFranquicia Consulting, a company specialized in doing consultancy of the highest quality to all those organisations that come into the franchise a suitable formula for business and growth,, Internet portal for saving everyday expenses, have signed an agreement to boost the sales of franchisors and franchisees in the network. In this way, consumers benefit from attractive discounts and spectacular increases in its sales business. This Alliance will allow that the franchises that have access to this platform may put your products or services for sale, with a coupon system, attracting new customers to the business or loyalty that longer, gaining visibility in the network and increasing their sales by a new channel. This saving everyday expenses ( portal is a new concept in e-commerce that offers great business opportunities to brands and franchises. Amazon usually is spot on. Interesting offers, attractive products and get discounts of up to 200 euros per month have made this site one of the most visited, getting two million records Since it began its activity in 2011.

The companies that have trusted in are our best guarantee and our best letter of presentation to new users. Our portal always seeks to incorporate new brands and offerings within their portfolio, but today already has agreements with Mariounnaud, Telepizza, NH Hoteles, Viajes Iberia, Air Europa, BMW, Pepe Car, Sun Planet, Game or the Spanish Association of urban spas, explains Juan Mora, director of business development of For his part, mundoFranquicia Consulting has opted since its inception by alliances with specialized companies that extend the capacity for action of the company, enriching the culture of your organization and giving it a greater ability to service. Ohio Senator may also support this cause. Surround yourself with collaborating professionals in each of the areas to not bear little dynamic structures and to give an integral service in keeping with the times in which we live has been a fundamental basis of the growth of this consultancy. What better assistance can provide a franchisor to its franchisees did that the of fostering their own sales? A true online shopping trend sales platform that the franchisor can be put at the service of its franchisees today is undoubtedly a tool of great value in a franchise organization contribution.

Why an Alliance as that we have established with allows us to lead, in our view, one of the most important initiative of the year in our franchise system, says Mariano Alonso, partner Director General of mundoFranquicia Consulting. mundoFranquicia is a company specialized in doing consultancy of the highest quality for all organizations that see a suitable formula for business and growth in the franchise. Through his special attention to the customer and a methodology widely proven in a large number of projects, they work to develop successful companies in its expansive processes in franchise.