A Strong Woman Fighting 50 Years

Exactly 50 years ago, Rosi Ganguly sent the first 400 packets to orphan children in India – today the Andheri help is one of the most successful organizations 50 years (November 1960) with my students, I grabbed the first parcel of 400 Indian orphans. “, says Rosi Ganguly. The leave today at age replied with this campaign on a call for help from Andheri in Mumbai. This had been preceded by a star – article that reported on the disastrous conditions in an orphanage. One of the most successful private German non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the development scene arose from this spontaneous help in the last 50 years the Andheri help! Milestones of the last 50 years Andheri help: bringing 1.25 million light eye operations in Bangladesh, 300,000 poor women as new small entrepreneurs, 200,000 freed child workers and former street children, tens of thousands of lucky girls, may live and killed not shortly after birth. Rosi Ganguly has proven that you can be with can provide innovative means, persuasion and at eye level with the distressed succeeded against seemingly overwhelming poverty. Andheri help Bonn – help for self-help in India an interview with Mrs Gangavaram is possible. Pictures and more information are available.

“” Awards for Rosi Gangavaram 1979 Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande 1980 papal order Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice “1987 Federal cross of merit 1.Klasse 2002″Golden Heart”(in gala-show of”Image helps”) 2003 Luise rinser Prize 2004 naming Rosi Gollmann school Tiefenbach (KreisKarlsruhe) 2005 chance the World Award” by the Club of Budapest 2005 great Federal cross of merit 2009 Caritas decoration of honour in gold with link to the digital press kit Vita by Rosi Ganguly and Chronicle of the Andheri help : images/pdf/Digitale%20Pressemappe_stand%2001-06-2010.pdf the Andheri help Bonn is a free, independent organization of development cooperation. She emerged from a private initiative for children in need in Andheri in Mumbai and has worked since 1967 as a non-profit association. Currently, it supports over 150 projects and programs in India and Bangladesh. Exists since 1974 the eyesight program save in Bangladesh”, that today more than a million blind people permanently to new sight helped. Andheri help voluntarily undergoes testing the German Central Institute for social issues DZI seal of approval as a sign of certified seriousness and worthiness of donations (7% overhead).