With aim of history and death of the utopias, the posmodernidad wants to also determine, that of the past it was not nothing. The creator who inhabits exclusion zone, will not have rescue. He will be a missing person of the posmodernidad. As always, the decision of each artist or intellectual exists, to choose in which sector is located. The illuminated and sumptuous inner doors that take to fame and success, are overflowed by the interminable and disrespectful interested rows of, arranged to even eliminate their competitors. The conditions of entrance, are more or less clear: The intellectual or artist, does not have to feel motivated by the hopes or frustrations of the society contains that it, must create according to the demand. From the same rules that one that produces shoes, sausages or chewing-gum.

The value of its work is determined like any other merchandise. The freedom that determines the market to him is not in its content but in which it sells. This process, the same creator, becomes one more merchandise. Its alternative, no longer is the one of modernity: importance or anonymity, in the rules of the neoliberalism is: success or exclusion. Naturally the intellectual or artistic production, in its majority, is mediocre, conformista.

The transgressions are simply formal, and in many cases they obey to a sale project. Those that rejects the rules imposed by the authoritarian market, face some distressing questions inexorably. How to transmit its message to a society educated historically in the negation by its roots? How to elaborate a dialogue with a majority invaded culturally by the neoliberal thought? They will not be condemned being brings back to consciousness critical, almost sterile, with the serious risk of bringing about hostile surroundings, in as much its work or its analysis they put in the open the weaknesses and miseries of the society? Really Can a creator have meaning, from exclusion zone? The answers to these questions, can be individual and/or collective.

North Portugal

Typically, women enter the temporary visa of a fraud ring member meets at the airport. Women are taken to a “safe house”, the documents are seized, and subsequently placed with a family. Often employment conditions are not what women are led to expect. Many women are forced to work long hours for little pay. They are usually not paid directly, but their wages are given to the placement of an organization that gives them a percentage. Women complain that they have kept in line through threats, intimidation, and / or violence fisicaa . Lately, several cases have come to light the involvement of foreign women exploited as domestic servants of foreign diplomats or other officials of the international financial institutions.

Many former claim that the domestics are in situations similar to slavery or servitude. It was reported that their employers confiscated their passports and other documents required dusk to dawn for work sometimes little or no pay, and prohibits them from leaving the house or get in contact with other domestic workers. a For approval to the purchase and sale of babies under the guise of adoption is another extension of human trafficking and egregious violation of human rights. In the case of foreign adoption, several modes of acquisition have been identified to ensure the babies. Smuggling networks may pay rural midwives falsely registering the birth of a child under a woman’s name. A boy stolen from his family and given to the falsely recorded mother gives the child after adoption. Alternatively, trafficking networks have been known for children to acquire drugs or deceive the uneducated mothers “thumbprint” blank a legal document.

Shadow adoption agencies have also worked to convince the poor parents to give up her baby for what will be a much better life “in the U.S.. Lawyer, writer, consultant. Se