The Resistance

They still do not have the life experience, that determines our attitude and interaction with other people. I almost never met a child who is faced with something unpleasant or experienced the bitterness of disappointment in the failed friendship with a girl in kindergarten, would stop all attempts or wary about the other children, fearing that his friendship with the rest will be just as unsuccessful as the last time. So it usually happens when a child brings home his resentment, and parents themselves, with characteristic strong desire to protect their child from such mental occurrences are beginning to destroy its non-judgmental attitude to events in his life. Naturally, they have their own logic, its own rating scale of child behavior, based on personal experience, on their own cones, which they believe are the foundation of an entrenched way of life for their child, so that, God forbid, he did not repeat their own errors. That's how we grow. First diligently study the scenario of their own parents, then begin to actively protest against the forcible interference in our personal lives, and the more plausible and is an attempt to parents to explain by example should look like the right psychology of family relations, the last thing we want to accept it as dogma, and most want to do the opposite, with the stronger attempt to equip the parents of our personal lives, the greater our resistance. It's almost like Newton's law – the greater the pressure, the stronger the resistance. .