Clean City

Moreover, each glacial period lasted an average of 100 thousand years, and interglacial only 10 thousand. Now we live in such a short interglacial period. Temperature data of a certain period determined by studying the isotopic composition of ice. Comparing these parameters, the researchers concluded that changes in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and Methane is directly related to temperature changes. The current concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, according to information received, has broken all records over the past 800,000 years.

In St. Petersburg launched campaign 'Clean City' The problem of garbage and dumps in urban backyards and porches have always been important. Quite often you can see a picture in the entryway – broken windows and broken light bulbs, obscene graffiti and 'fragrant' Packages the garbage near the apartments. It is unlikely that someone at home will throw a cigarette butt on the floor or a candy wrapper, a staircase – it is 'not my territory', 'someone will clean'. Why can endure the garbage out of the house, 'miss' by garbage can or shake out right on the sidewalk ashtray of the car? After a picnic and holiday feasts are still tons of empty bottles, bags, cans – anything that makes the place where we live, into a huge cesspool.

But what keeps us clean up after themselves themselves, teach their children how to use cans? It's our children cut the hands and feet of glass broken bottles. Last week, St. Petersburg 'Vesti' have launched 'Clean City'. This action is designed to attract the attention of the townspeople to the problem of garbage, which is literally drowning Russian cities. The letters on the 'People's Line' 'lead' the townspeople complain and send materials to dumps that appear in the most unexpected places in the city. Great number of photos have already sent the inhabitants of St. Petersburg with stories about landfills in different parts of the city. Organizers of the rally 'Clean City' offer to all who wish to participate in a unique contest and send in their photos and of Natural landfills. In the end, after the shares will be determined by rating of cleanliness – was named the dirtiest and the cleanest areas of St. Petersburg. encourages all readers to participate in the action, as well as requests to express their opinion on this issue in the discussion of this article. Only together we can make our cities cleaner. Indeed, as stated in an old truth: pure, not where clean, but where do not litter

Natural Resources

Environmental issue concerns every day, and the important factor is the purity of his native city. Situation with the garbage disposal of Kiev city authorities called satisfactory, but for the millions of their efforts enough. First of all, themselves inhabitants of Kiev must make an effort to solve this problem. Do not treat this detached and indifferent, and exercise is the most active intreres for cleanliness and environmental safety city, and this applies to all residents, which can be as ordinary civil servants or ordinary workers and managers of large enterprises and organizations of Kiev. Residents of Kiev may affect the improvement in cleanliness city through Subbotniks or 'net days' in the territories near their homes, offices, participate in activities to clean up parks, planting and other natural areas of Kiev. In turn, commercial and governmental organizations can help the city install additional trash containers and timely removal of garbage to landfill sites from their territories. As another way out – this appeal to specialized companies that are engaged in garbage disposal in place of its utilization and the provision of garbage containers for their collection. ooo 'Company' Nikolsan 'offers export of various types of debris.

For a long time the company acquired regular customers in the face of construction companies, hotels, restaurants, factories, commercial organizations in the city of Kiev and the region. Construction waste carried out by specially fitted, which allows you to make the process of loading of bulk, solid, adhesive and other substances, and also provides an opportunity for once to garbage rather large volumes. At the request of clients garbage can be done at any convenient time. Company 'Nikolsan' proposed installation of garbage containers of various types and volumes of (metal, galvanized, plastic) for collection of solid waste. Containers are available for purchase or for temporary use on a leasehold basis. Municipal solid waste is dumped on the basis of signed contracts. Prices for services consistent quality and installed in accordance with rates that are coordinated disposal of the Executive Body of the Kiev city council. Provision of services shall be based on the appropriate permission of the State Department of Ecology and Natural Resources in the presence of waste disposal limits for disposal.