Mexicans Immigrants

Farmingville shows great conflict that comes between two social groups that is based on contempt for the inhabitants of the town of Farmingville toward illegal immigrants who have settled in the city. Although the documentary presents testimony on the Americans and the views they have on this subject, they are not objective because they have a self-centered racist context it does not seek the common good of both cultures but their own benefit and comfort. On the other hand, the video does not show in full the conflict caused by the presence of illegal Mexicans in this city, because their behavior is very different from that shown. It is important to rescue that while the solution proposed by the citizens is not adequate, they are involved to achieve their goals and improve the conflicts they face Mexico in comparison to where the participation of citizens in political and social problems minimum, most of the time people are unaware they have the opportunity to be part of decisions made in government and in a society of settlers and this encourages the poor development of the country, since Mexico is a democracy and it is covered by the decision of the majority of the people and if people do not participate then the country can not develop properly. Returning to the above, we can also see the documentary the great hatred that is between Americans and Mexicans, this can be seen at the time the government proposes a solution to both cultures and citizens are unhappy with it but that seek to deport them. On the other hand we have the political viewpoint, which he tried to find a practical and effective solution to the problem, benefiting both sides.

It is clear that once the debate began assemblies, citizens presented their arguments against the creation of the support center for immigrants and the reasons why should be deported, causing uncertainty among themselves rulers did or not correct proposing this law, all this was that it be vetoed and seek new ways to treat the problem of illegal immigrants. You can believe that the U.S. government has many flaws that have led to unfavorable conditions, but it is interesting that it still seeks practical solutions to most of its inhabitants have a better quality of life and show interest in matters large and small, but above all to obey the law and established rights. Meanwhile Mexico does not promote such magnitude involving its citizens in the problems, since even when there are this kind of discussion meetings and other means to participate in government, it is not known. In conclusion we can say that Farmingville is a documentary that allows us to realize the gravity of the situation of immigrants in the U.S. and extravagance in the U.S. falling against it. Although it also gives us a set of benchmarks to critique and compare the social and political situations which are both countries.