National Congress

Acceleration of such management measures, were even increased from the national Government that took office in May 1958. As a foretaste of what would become known as plan Larkin, in 1959, was enacted a regime of promotion of the automotive industry under which came to install twenty-three factories of cars in the country. Shortly before being overthrown the Government that commissioned it, in February 1962, was presented the Plan Larkin, that for the purposes of enabling the development of automotive caminero complex in the country, sugeria, the Elimination of thirteen thousand kilometres of track, leaving the network at 29,000 kilometers (Interestingly the length which has in our days). Nothing earned, again the voice in the wilderness of shiny Aaron, who in 1960 transport National Congress, once again propose that the railways were operated by Argentine private capital. Immediately the Larkin Plan, despite strong protests, began to deploy and soon began, the lifting of some branches that have no explanation yet, as you didn’t promote the automotive road complex. Also the density and quality of the services was ostensibly lowering.

Even so and in the midst of all the vicissitudes, the network achievement stabilize in 41,000 miles until March of 1976, being no stranger to it, the management of the general De Marchi, in front of the Argentine railways between 1966 and 1972. After the coup of 1976, the Government de facto through the national transport plan, resumed the libretto of the Larkin plan. And it should be remembered that the person who was in charge of that National Plan, was the same that would command the railway privatization since 1989. We all remember that by 1989, the railways were collapsing, and this largo(aunque reducido relato) shows that this collapse was not spontaneous but deliberate. 5315 Laws and 11658, had fulfilled its task. That map of 1933, had passed the paper to the pavement.

Christmas Greeting Cards

The biggest beneficiaries of the congratulations of Christmas, this year are postal officials. Traditional postal shipping has plummeted, so less work for them. I guess that that lower postal traffic is due to the economic crisis. A symptom: those public institutions that were sent before christmas pretentious, with Golden, printed reliefs to five inks and were worth a Paxton, in this opportunity have been formed with sober cards signed by the shift boss. Go, the same as those savings, banks mired in unwanted mergers, now save up to typical of other years wall calendar. This, I say, what of the crisis, is only a partial explanation for the lower Christmas mail. Because there are others. The main, Internet.

Fill in postcards classic, albeit to help Unicef, Intermon, Manos Unidas and other charitable organizations, in the background is a pain in the ass, because it must be done one by one, unless you go to the printing press or dispose of a laser printer superguay, as they say now. That is, that we prefer to congratulate others via computer, through emails. This offers many advantages, which only lists a few. For example, just a single generic text for a lot of receivers, who will receive it immediately, after tightened the timely key of the computer. The smarter can incorporate in addition all kinds of cartoons, drawings, music, animations, videos, so congratulations reception goes from being the mere ritual of yesteryear to today become a spectacle.

To those less endowed with computer as a server, or more vague knowledge, which is also my case, we simply copy the best received greeting and forward as if it was ours, so we were like a few Kings. They already see how Christmas has changed. Another important modification, and reminds me of a friend, is that the religious allusions to these fiestas have plummeted: almost there because the difference between Christmas or Carnival, tells me in an e-mail. Because it is also truth.

Muzarib Military

Among them was a native of the village Kyzburun I Muzarib Kupov. Even as a child was born his dream of becoming a soldier. He believed that only the army is able to temper the character, spirit men, make it strong and courageous. Therefore, there was no end to joy when in 1930 his nineteen-year guy, was drafted into the Red Army. And he came to serve in the Kabardino-Balkar national cavalry squadron, commanded by then Aslanbek Mirzoyev. Military affairs Muzarib studied seriously, and soon became an excellent student of combat and political training. And here is the first appointment – squad.

Diligence and discipline the young Red Army soldier, a true military vein, did not go unnoticed by his commander. As a reward Muzariba sent to Krasnodar, in the military and Cavalry School, he graduated with honors and returned to his squadron at the rank of lieutenant. In 1938, an officer M. Kupova transferred to a military unit in the Pskov region. This and began his road frontage. From the earliest days of the war with the White Finns Muzarib been at the forefront.

Our Soldiers confronted the cunning and wily enemy. The young officer knew that it just will not take, and tried to skillfully apply the knowledge of the conduct of hostilities, obtained in the cavalry school. But Muzarib was too hot. In violent skirmishes with the enemy first rushed into battle, his men showing an example of bravery and courage, and often forget about caution and your own safety.


In the town there were very few soldiers, perhaps they were attacked and they went on the attack. Alexei capture of the city were not so many soldiers and Some were hungry, and even wounded. His spies sniff that the army went to war against Nicaea city Heraclea, who attacked them a few days ago. Alex had to take the city to return his army back and to apply severe injury to the city, which would then settle down there for some time. Alex knew that at the main entrance go pointless. He decided to bypass the city on the other side and smash the wall until the archers are firing with slingers. Alex decided to make a battering ram to break through the wall. Spear Alexis went to the woods and cut wood for the frame and drag the logs.

They did a frame, and the largest timber hung on the ropes in the frame and the pointed end logs put the iron tip. So, the Crusaders went around the city behind and quickly broke the wall, while archers versed with slingers. And suddenly there was a clatter of hooves – is the army of Nicaea was returning from a hike at Hercules. The battle between the Crusaders and Turks. In this battle, the Crusaders were defeated, and Alex with five spearmen fled to the rest of the army. During this time his main army found a small oasis near the sea and gathered there water, dates, coconuts, bananas, olives and wild grapes.

The Red Army

Why I am interested in history? Very simple – I grew up in a Jewish village, and nearby was the village of German. Near his parents' house was modestly obelisk carved with his father from the cartridge shell star – were buried under it either twenty, thirty or whether the Red Army. Directly behind our garden lay in a mass grave were killed Nazis my Jewish fellow-villagers, and in every garden, but in a blackthorn scrub zarostali graves of German soldiers. I played with the boys in the neighborhood 'Ruska' and 'Nimtsiv' and get into the 'Ruska' captive Jewish boy Ben shouted: 'Hyundai Hoch, Jerry! " And we played the trunks of these rifles or machine, and only pockets were full of ammunition, and mines with I was a master of shells to collect. Often sat in the tall grass on the ground burnt and restored 20 years, the school and played in the German glass bottles. On them learned to read German, caps on the wells recognize all military German teminologiyu.

So loved the language – I have lived in their midst, and the age of 6 has decided to become an archeologist. So I started reading history books and learn what they are … lie. Like any child in a Jewish environment, I was an excellent student and immensely respected The view of older people: his grandfather Beni Yaruhima grandfather, grandfather Shulim. Their native ancestors, I only saw the photos. That's why some grandparents, the villagers were talking about a very bad Grandpa Lenin and praised some of Trotsky, and Stalin and Hitler on said one word – shayze.

French Military

While in captivity, he tried to escape five times, but to no avail. In captivity, he studied German, taught himself Russian to French prisoners of war, he worked in a library, lectures, which later formed the basis of his book "Discord among the enemy." The striking irony: one of his "pupils" in captivity was next red Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky … In 1919, in the French military mission was sent to Poland and took part in the Polish-Soviet war. After the war, in 1921, the former commander of the recollected a former slave, held on resumption of relations with the former commander of Henri Philippe Petain – now a marshal and the hero of France. In May 1922, Charles de Gaulle passed his exams and was enrolled in the Higher Military School.

After graduating from the Higher Military School in 1925, Petain took de Gaulle in his personal staff, he was assigned to study the questions of future military action (in the long term) and consider the general problem of military philosophy. In December 1927, de Gaulle was promoted to rank and position of battalion commander and went to Trier, Germany, whose western bank of the Rhine under the Versailles peace treaty was under the control of the French armed forces. De Gaulle immediately proceeded to the combat training battalion, and set strict discipline. At the same time he is a father watching the lives of their subordinates. It is true that the higher orders of commanders he performed with great reluctance and difficulty taking criticism from them.

Colonel Fabien Resistance

Not all survived. V. Antonenko, heroically died April 30, 1945, the day liberation of the island from the Nazis. Initially, resistance (or passive resistance), since the fall of France before the German attack on the Soviet Union was more than modest: the spread of radiosvodok from the front and leaflets, sabotage and subversion in enterprises and military installations. The second period lasted from 22 June 1941 to November 1942, when he was defeated at Stalingrad, the 6th Army Paulus. Important events have shaken Africa and south France. In North Africa, Morocco and landed allies, the Germans occupied southern France (Free Zone) and landed troops in Tunisia.

During this period the French sailors Patriots sunk in Toulon, a French military fleet so that it is not got to the Germans. War on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union, Hitler forced France to withdraw from the 20 divisions, allowing the patriots to intensify the fight against the invaders. But the Nazis in Paris feel secure under the protection of petenovskoy gendarmerie and police, the Gestapo and the garrison units. To intensify the armed struggle in the French capital, Colonel Fabien Resistance (Pierre Georges) in a subway station Barbes – Rosheshuar shot a German officer. This was the signal for the Patriots to an open fight against the invaders, awakened from their lethargy after the disgraceful defeat and raised to fight. Response to the German command began a brutal campaign of repression and executions of hostages. Thus, near Paris, the hill of Mont Valerien were shot more than 4,500 hostages and members of the Resistance.