Tips For Making Videos

In the video producer Texel we bring our experience in conducting visual and share with our customers some advice when undertaking a project for a corporate video. A video product, a production process, or have an educational video designed to demonstrate the specific ability of a product, or reinforce the key points of a production process being usually focused on very specific technical aspects, processes, etc. For its part, a corporate video or businesses with the aim of attracting a large number of potential customers, which explains and demonstrates the competence and capacity of the company. A corporate video is often used in industrial fairs, trade visits, or delivered to potential customers, who want to learn more in detail the intricacies of the infrastructure company, or because they plan to major contracts or investments, because they know firsthand the company or because it is their first contact with it. The following tips apply for most corporate videos, product, or training institutions, as they relate to audiovisual language skills, but are specifically designed for a corporate video: 1 .- Think of a history. Tell a story.

Please. Take me on a tour. My mind is ready for the beginning, middle and end. Do not talk about your corporate numbers. Now I have Excel for that, thanks. 2 .- Think of one person. There is only one person that you should consider when designing a corporate video: the person (or the kind of people) who are you going to put the video, you will see. Your customers.

Please forget about trying to please the boss, the secretary or the union. Think of the customer. 3 .- Think of something short. A truly memorable story never goes long. We do not want viewers watching the clock and thinking about shrews. Catch and keep your audience attentive, also in your corporate video. 4 .- Truth Think. People are aware of half-truths, exaggerations and lies. Credibility sold. 5 .- Think of a good producer. Get the best video production company that can. Find a production company with enthusiasm, experience and clear thinking will be the final hit for a good corporate video. 6 .- Think of Emotion. “E” Emotion, Energy, Enthusiasm. The video reflects the emotion like no other medium. Use it. Leave your Digests, PDFs and figures away from your corporate video. Or as much essential uses sparingly. 7 .- Think of your current customers. Your updated Customers can also tell your story. Give the word and leaves it to them to speak well of you. Pundits appear as impartial and disinterested, and your corporate video much more poise. 8 .- Think of something casual. Does your corporate even casual sometime? Even companies have reserved some space for a fun time, human and carefree. Find the time and your corporate video will entice your audience. 9 .- Think 30. If your video Enterprise is long (which we discourage) changes the pace, message, music, content, every thirty seconds. It will make a 10-minute video looks 5. Separate them into chapters with new perspectives and ideas. 10 .- Think Design: The video is incredibly malleable. A large corporate video is different from a lot of design, in the headwaters, effects. Catch your audience, and offer a strong company image. The competition awaits! You see, there are many tricks. These and many more. Advantage of our experience and our expertise.