Residential Politica

Self-construction of house with the residential policy: The effective norm in the matter of autocontruccin with resources of the residential policy arranges in the Newspaper the 39486 essential aspects to manage to suitably present/display the request of credit according to the following criteria: It goes directed to families who do not own main house and are land proprietors located in urban or rural zones, endowed with services public, or in their defect, with alternative of grant properly permisada by the competent authorities. The loan for self-construction will be equivalent to the 100% of the value of the work budget presented/displayed, constituting hypothecating guarantee on the land and bienechuras that in him is constructed. It will be disbursed of the following way: A first payment in the date of protocolizacin of the credit, equivalent to 60% of the approved amount. A second payment by the remaining balance whenever the house presents/displays an advance superior to 50% of physical execution, verified and approved by professional designated by the Financial Operator. The beneficiaries will not be able to alienate the house, until 5 years counted as of the date of protocolizacin of the credit have not passed. In case the loan includes Residential Direct Subsidy, if the beneficiary alienates the house within the 5 years counted as of the date of the granting of the subsidy, this must be refunded to its value updated at the time of the distraction. Additional information is available at Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. rst to reply. The recording public will not be able to register any negotiation without the proof of cancellation of the amount of the up-to-date subsidy emitted by the BANAVIH..