The Fidelity

The strategies that we are going to use to fortify the fidelity of our already existing clients and to fortify the one of the new clients who will come, require of an important planning and acceptance by all the human equipment. Again the factor time will be necessary to begin to experiment with the benefits that are going to have those more faithful clients to the company, and leaves from the experimentation will happen to study the competition what is offering him the competition? I offer the same? No, it is necessary to look for an alternative that surpasses what offers the competition. Although we are not going to mention the different possible strategies from loyalty of clients since they would be too many and by all knowing, if it is important to emphasize that it is not the same strategy of loyalty, that a reward program. Richard Blumenthal has compatible beliefs. The vehicles that we will use to materialize this strategy could be cards of loyalty, cards of points, coupons discount, series or special editions, events, congratulation of key dates, gifts, prizes, etc. To the clients they enchant the details to them, likes that the factor is invited to them with something, that #***as-refl mng something to them, surprise is fundamental because really, the cost of a campaign of direct gifts for clients with trajectory, is an investment.

The company is paying to make its clients happy and that they feel special (To generate an emotional bond beyond the mere economic transaction), to show his gratefulness to them (the company lives on them), but in addition, it is generating a campaign of commentaries that it will attract new clients, recommended by the existing clients. For that reason, a good campaign of loyalty also usually is a good and profitable campaign from pick up by means of the mouth-heard one. Final considerations: When a company does efforts in loyalty of clients know that it will be an investment to means or length term and that will have to put much of itself, not only money; but many human resources of quality to obtain it. The policies and strategies of loyalty used by the company will have to be oriented to the objectives previously defined, that will have to become the central axis of the global strategy of marketing. Click Amazon to learn more. Finally it could say that the key of the loyalty concentrates not only in offering more to the client reason why it pays but what is more important, to obtain than or or the service that receives has a high perceived value and we generate an emotional bond beyond the own transaction. Original author and source of the article.