Christmas Greeting Cards

The biggest beneficiaries of the congratulations of Christmas, this year are postal officials. Traditional postal shipping has plummeted, so less work for them. I guess that that lower postal traffic is due to the economic crisis. A symptom: those public institutions that were sent before christmas pretentious, with Golden, printed reliefs to five inks and were worth a Paxton, in this opportunity have been formed with sober cards signed by the shift boss. Go, the same as those savings, banks mired in unwanted mergers, now save up to typical of other years wall calendar. This, I say, what of the crisis, is only a partial explanation for the lower Christmas mail. Because there are others. The main, Internet.

Fill in postcards classic, albeit to help Unicef, Intermon, Manos Unidas and other charitable organizations, in the background is a pain in the ass, because it must be done one by one, unless you go to the printing press or dispose of a laser printer superguay, as they say now. That is, that we prefer to congratulate others via computer, through emails. This offers many advantages, which only lists a few. For example, just a single generic text for a lot of receivers, who will receive it immediately, after tightened the timely key of the computer. The smarter can incorporate in addition all kinds of cartoons, drawings, music, animations, videos, so congratulations reception goes from being the mere ritual of yesteryear to today become a spectacle.

To those less endowed with computer as a server, or more vague knowledge, which is also my case, we simply copy the best received greeting and forward as if it was ours, so we were like a few Kings. They already see how Christmas has changed. Another important modification, and reminds me of a friend, is that the religious allusions to these fiestas have plummeted: almost there because the difference between Christmas or Carnival, tells me in an e-mail. Because it is also truth.