Consider the typical behavior of a man who tries to save on agency services. For example, you filed a declaration of ‘Looking for a maid’ in the newspaper. The next day, your phone starts ringing different women and offer services to domestic workers. And not only themselves but also their friends, distant relatives from Kiev and their ilk. Each of these paints himself in paints, says that everything can and knows everything.

Every second of them is ready to enter the work ‘tomorrow’. This is wonderful. In this case, all of them in one voice assert that they have a vast experience and excellent recommendations. Suppose! And then you invite to your home one of them. Invite the one that most like a phone conversation. Comes to you a maid and you show her your apartment or house. First case: Housekeeper starts asking questions like: This is a sho? (Poking his finger in the steam generator) than pure glass ceramic plate? And why in the vacuum cleaner water? (Akvafiltr) Stop! That’s enough to understand that before you a man who has no experience in maid for hire.

At best, this woman was removed in its apartment, and wiped his plate car bleach. Well, since we have paid attention to it. No need to hire such a person, you have understood it themselves. Second case: You have shown housekeeper to clean the area and explained responsibilities. She proceeded to clean. And you, rejoicing, have decided for her to watch. Pay attention to how the maid is planning its work.

Our Baby Is Here !

The stork was there – and a baby was brought to the world. This is a joyful event in the life of every mother and every father. Because the wait for the baby can often be very long. Not only mother and father of Neugeborgenen are under pressure. Also, the whole family with a fever and longs to meet the birth of the new arrival. Many people are wondering how it can congratulate mother and father. Fortunately, there are many hints concerning birth and baby.

There sayings and poems are grouped together so that the good wishes to the baby can be particularly welcome. But mother and father are often somewhat confused when the first baby sees the light of the world. It is not always easy in the new father or mother role to slip. Especially the first few months are for parents and the baby is very tiring. First, the baby needs to find his rhythm until, on the other hand, the parents must first learn to deal with the baby. Then add also the baptism of the baby and regular checks and tests at the doctor to come if the baby is developing normally. Information about baby are very important. Bradley Tusk wanted to know more. A discharge of the mother by the grandmother can be a great help. But despite all the assistance it is always important reinsurance the new parents do not always! For good advice can backfire when it is worded wrong and is a must! Mother and father should decide for themselves what is best for their baby. Let us therefore not reinforce, if many well-meaning advice! Find your own way in the upbringing of the baby!

Social Wealth

The deterioration of the quality of people’s lives improved while industrialized countries in bad developing so-called deteriorate, it must be why so they call them. The reality is we all know because, just that very few do something to resolve it, there is not a clear direction of the course to be taken our underdeveloped nations who live only for two things: 1. defend themselves from poverty, crime, guerrilla, etc. 2. Enrich the industrialized. Makes really sad to see how countries live off others without any pain, see how we saqueamos what little is left to those Nations that provide us with food and cheap labor, rather than unite and close ranks to prevent hunger in the world, Yes, cheap because we don’t have clarity that if something happens to themto us we also affects our economy.

Corporate Social responsibility is part of the answer to this issue so thorny, if enterprises are beginning to understand that we are part of the same world, the same universe, We can solve part of the problem. If they contribute to the well-being of those Nations, of these vulnerable populations, improving wages, improving recruitment and hiring more people in their companies, their income will automatically improve and social investment would be much higher. I’ve noticed that lately large millionaires and billionaires have given part of their fortunes to that end, they will realize that soon their companies will be even more rich and powerful thanks to that gesture. It is very simple and anyone can understand it, do not need large math to do so, if 65% of the population that today is unable to buy certain products access, improves their income and makes it, immediately production rises, employment goes up, quality of life goes up, reaching levels that are unimaginable, just stop fighting by cake that Yes can buy and generate wealth to those who today can not buy their products, the result will soon be increasing their profits. If achieved only a 10% increase in the people purchasing power, reduce hunger in the world, at least by 30% if we increase to 20% that purchasing power, we would end up with hunger in the world and these people who run companies would have 20% more income in their companies, States would have better income to pay their debts and improving housing, education and infrastructure, only you can imagine what could happen if this understood it medium and large employers who only want profits for them. Understand that companies are for the service of humanity is complicated, but we must make the effort to achieve it, they provide a service to society and that service must generate value and must generate wealth, among more, better in the capitalist system. I propose a social capitalist system, where a small part of that capital is redistributed in a very special manner between the population that helps generate that wealth, that businessman speak buyer, buyers, because without them it wouldn’t be possible to traders and industrialists they obtain that wealth.

Only redistribute differently from the present a small part of that wealth to generate you turn more sales, more wealth and that instead of only climb on the social pyramid lower a percentage ending hunger. Go back to those people, compulsive buyers in their companies, only in companies committed to end hunger program. Put an end to the divide between rich and poor if possible and in less time than you imagine, only need your commitment and dedication.