With the passage of time as the invention of barter activities has provided some processes not only personal but also some economic processes, a clear example of this is the commercialism, because this being based on the exchange of products can be considered a trade products. The barter exchange is an activity that is based on the exchange of products by product, it is noteworthy that the exchange as such is considered a contract based on an exchange. An important point to play in barter is that it has a big difference with the sale, because this is only done product by product and not money per product as in the case of the sale. The story begins in the ancient barter Mesopotamia and Babylon, where according to some papyri found the activity of exchanging raw materials for food or other items was an important activity in both cultures. Today, thanks to developments in various disciplines such as economics has been to consider the occupation would exchange (barter) as an important part of all societies world, because in a way the exchange of labor (time) by product (money) can be considered a barter with modern application.

Thanks to the many exchanges that are now been allowed to see a few advantages of barter that can help improve the economic status of a company or person. Some of these are: As corporate barter helps expand trade relations with other companies or entities. Contribute directly to improving the liquidity of the company. Helps improve productivity. Facilitates the acquisition of goods or services without the need for financial transactions. Contributes to the promotion of products or services of one company. Contributes to optimize the financial performance of the company or entity. At barter helps people obtain products we need or want, through the exchange by another or others that are not useful.

Although there are many more advantages that brings enterprise-level exchanges and personnel, the aforementioned are important today. Taking advantage is proper to say that they also have certain disadvantages, however the only truly disadvantageous barter is to find those who wish to exchange, but it is worth mentioning that at the corporate level not covered by this disadvantage, as this usually is beneficial for all parties involved. A very important factor to highlight today is the use of the Internet in this work, because with this you can facilitate the acquisition of individuals and entities wishing to exchange products worldwide, facilitating further expansion of marketing and products a company globally. Given this demonstrated that barter or exchange is a very important option for all those individuals and businesses who want an expansion of products either locally or globally through the Internet including such important activities as commercialism in this activity.