Frankfurt Motor Show

Simultaneously with the installation to "BMW 501" slightly changed appearance of the car: there were side chrome moldings, add vehicles elegance. Featuring a new engine, "501-I" could best be dispersed to 160 km / h. Naturally, the fuel consumption of cars with eight-cylinder motor was significantly different from pre-war figures, but it is worrying management of the company bmw least. "Izetta (Isetta): a link between motorcycles and cars. They were built more than 200,000. In 1955 began production of the R 50 and R 51, opening up a new generation of motorcycles with a fully sprung undercarriage goes minicar "Isetta", a strange symbiosis of a motorcycle with a car.

Three-wheeled car with a door that opens forward movement, was a huge success in the impoverished postwar Germany. On Frankfurt Motor Show in 1955 she became the absolute antithesis of unreleased at the time model. Tiny "BMW Izetta" recalls his appearance with small bubbles fastened farc and side mirrors. Rear cross-axle distance was much smaller than the front. The model was equipped with single-cylinder engine volume of 0.3 liters. With the power 13 hp "Izetta" maximum overclocking up to 80 km / h.

Along with the baby "Izettoy" the company bmw introduced two luxury coupe "503" and "507", created on the base sedan 5-series. Both cars are 1956: Today is a rare collector's car: bmw 507. treated at that time to "fairly athletic, though possessed of" civil "appearance. For example, the maximum velocity of the 507-th "ranged somewhere between 190 and 210 km / h.

Trigger Voltage

Optimized mode of operation has reduced the time the ignition. Also decrease the number of micro cycles ignition positive impact on lamp life. Two-way communication between the unit and the lamp can intelligent system to maintain a good working balance, taking into account the working conditions. Low starting current – 6 A working characteristics of the maximum values correspond to the claimed passport (the deviation of not more than percent). Exceptional reliability.

Optimized algorithm for combustion control lamps significantly prolongs the life of the whole set. High-efficiency power ignition ensures low heat. Qualitative shielding protects against outside interference and does not allow interference in automotive electronics. Reliable waterproofing ensures stable operation at high humidity (85%). Passport life blocks ignition 20000 hours (Average annual use mode 4000 hours). Trouble-free anywhere in Russia.

Wide operating temperature -40 +100 C allows the use of equipment in extreme heat and cold. The design eliminates lamp razbaltyvanie flask while driving on any roads. Blocks firing of mtf embodied the latest advances in the field of engineering xenon light. The equipment is designed specifically for use with lamps with philips flasks and provide data lamps optimal performance regardless of external conditions. Certification of the pct (GOST), e-mark, qs, tuv. Dimensions 95h75h40. Weight Blocks 380 Guaranteed operating temperature range of -40 to 100 C . Rated operating voltage 12.8. Permissible operating voltage: 9 – 16. The maximum peak inrush current 6 A. Rated current 3.4 A. Trigger Voltage 19 35 kV. Arcing time 0.3 sec.

Alarm Systems

Every car owner cares about that its iron one has not suffered from illegal actions of malefactors. To do this, just need to use such an invention as a burglar alarm. From the title of this system can understand its purpose. Alarm gives its owner a certain signal in case of danger and allows to take action to prevent it. In this case, signaling can set as your home or summer residence, and for the garage and car.

To date, there are a variety of types of alarm systems having different response factor. However, whatever it was, the presence of this factor is always leads to the triggering signal. Over time, developers signaling realized that it is very important, where the signal is and how easily an attacker can gain access to it. After all, if a thief gets to the source and neutralizes him, then he would be able to leave the scene of the crime on your car. It is quite another thing when a signal can not be neutralized, because the attacker is difficult to find or get to it. In this case, the offender may abandon their plans, so as not to risk it.

The result of such thinking has become such a development, like a lock hood. What is it and how it differs from the normal castle? The whole point is that if you place the source in the hood, it is necessary that he be protected from tampering. Normal lock can not provide the necessary protection. This is possible only in case of a special. Usually, it comes with signaling. In this case, such a lock can be installed in two ways. In the first case, it can increase the reliability of their native element. In the second act as an independent element. Such a lock can be purchased at specialty store. Its cost is not high, but the benefit is obvious. Attackers have long learned to cope with many different systems of protection. Therefore, the protection of your property, whether a car or a house, requires integrated approach and think through every detail. In such matters as security are no trifles.

January Quot

No less actively conducted indexation of income state employees and pensions. Only ten months increased intergovernmental transfers amounted to 1% of gdp. Real disposable incomes population grew for the year was estimated at 10,2%. A closer look reveals that this growth of export prices of production directly benefited little. Mining and quarrying, as well as the manufacture of coke and petroleum products rose in 2007, respectively, by 1,9% and 2,3%, metallurgy added just 1.5%. Significant gains can not be detected when analyzing the financial performance of enterprises. According to the Foundation for Economic Research "Development Centre", in the production of energy minerals production profitability has declined over the first nine months of 2007 to 19,2% against 24,8% a year earlier, as virtually the entire price increase was withdrawn from the enterprise favor of the budget. , 5,4 0,7 .

Thus, while reducing fuel consumption in winter and to compensate for the revenue, as well as for replenish the Stabilization Fund is an increase in tax rates. However, analyst with Sovlink Nicholas engineers said the most important taxes are not evil. "The U.S. importer, and Russia – the largest after Saudi Arabia supplier of oil, with domestic and vnutrishtatovskie gasoline prices are about the same. It is not normal – in fact we have domestic oil prices below world market is about three times "- outraged the expert. According to him, high cost of gasoline is connected including the "collusion of big companies: when the 6.5 oil producers control about 90% of the petrol market." But manufacturers are not rushing to take responsibility.

Thus, the press secretary Rosneft Nikolai Manvelov said that the rise in gasoline prices has always depended on economic conditions and has been pegged to international prices for fuel. Therefore, he said, "you can not blame only the oil companies." TNK-BP generally prefer not to comment on rising prices for gasoline. We note that from 1st January, Russia introduced Euro-3. And these rules apply not only to vehicles but also fuel for them. Russian refiners can produce fuel eropeyskogo quality, but not all. In addition, not everyone wants because it has a higher cost than petrol 'normal' quality. Private cars owned 40% of Russian families, and the problem of how to feed a steel horse, is highly relevant to many of our countrymen. Whatever it was, 30% of motorists do not desist from the use of machines, regardless of how much to pay for refills. For other travel by public transport is quite possible. So, it peresyadet 18% of the citizens, if the cost of fuel will exceed 20 usd. per liter. Rows of passenger buses and trolley buses will add another 19% of car owners at the price for gasoline is 30 rubles. If the price to rise to 50 rubles., In public transport will not be crowded: more than half of drivers would be passengers.