Numerology – an ancient science of numbers. It dates back to ancient times and is closely linked to astrology. Today, numerology, or as it is often called magic numbers, gives us a lot of information about the meaning of numbers and their impact on human life. According to this doctrine, each figure has its hidden meaning, its mystery. For assistance, try visiting Amazon. However, the figures are meaningless to analyze themselves, they are of interest to us in terms of their interaction with man. There is no ‘failure’ or ‘bad’ numbers, just as there is no ‘good’. Such characteristics are applicable to just to own figures.

They can be such only in relation to any situation or, more precisely, to any person. Alone and the same number of one person give a success and become a good sign for him and the other is trying to circumvent them in any way to stave off disaster. Someone on the level of intuition feels his numbers and rejects the others’. But such an intuition given, unfortunately, not everyone, but more accurately – quite a bit … However, for any man contemplating his relationship with the surrounding figures, there are always two possibilities: you can analyze the figures, which are found you in life (that is, to rely on their own destiny, and then draw conclusions), or you can to choose the numbers that will accompany your life (eg, personally to choose a cell phone number or registration number of the machine). The exceptions are those situations where there is no possibility to choose – you can only analyze.

Such an exception is, for example, time and date of birth – a man can not choose them for himself, he could only analyze them. A In most cases, these two possibilities (analysis or option) are next to each other. Analyzing the numbers in some cases, we ourselves dwell on them in others. The project, which will be discussed below, allows each person get your own unique 10-digit registration number of the inhabitants of planet Earth. This project was launched in 2008 on the website of the Embassy of the planet Earth. The mission of the project is to create a catalog of earth’s inhabitants. In creating this directory, anyone can learn personal and unique number of inhabitants of the Earth – your lucky numbers. And those who are already fairly sure what combination of numbers is right for him – can choose and get a room by himself. In any case, whatever option you have chosen: to get the current random number or select it yourself, after registering in the directory inhabitants of the earth, each project participant is the sole owner of the unique registration number of the inhabitants of our planet.