When we talk about strategy CRM always refers to how the organization is capable of delivering experiences customer differentiating that build loyalty in them and profitable relationships for the company. In this order of ideas of service and customer support areas must answer for Agile and effective way to the requests and concerns of customers.For this SalesLogix provides users a holistic view of the interactions with the client to have more adequate management of service processes to the customer. From there they can quickly resolve concerns and requests by delivering a high quality experience through ticketing, Material returns, defects and contract management functions. It can also provide its customers self-service tools, empowering its customers to find answers and make requests of 7 24.SalesLogix is a highly flexible tool that is customized according to the needs of each organization. Let us show an example as SalesLogix gives you tools optimal for taking a call from a customer through a contact centre.

The client calls the service line of your organization, and at the moment the telephone plant identifies the phone number of the person calling. Here thanks to SalesLogix integration with telephone plants (CTI) the the call center agent who must attend the call receives a screenshot of the resume of the customer who is calling, saving time in the search for the customer’s information. Depending on the request from the client to the phone, the call center agent navigates between different tabs of the system to provide information to the customer about orders, dispatches, portfolio, orders pending, open claims or in general any type of information that comes from transactional systems (ERP) or CRM which displayed in an integral way in SalesLogix.Thence leave the reason for the call log and program requests or requirements that have remained unresolved because they require some kind of scaling or routing in the organization.


One of the issues that has gone into the background with the improvement of communications (types of network topologies) and bandwidth has been the speed of loading web pages. Years ago it was common to have to wait patiently for that web page will be shown on the screen. Anyway it is not more control the loading speed of the corporate website. This issue will not depend on only our page, but also where it is housed. In this case the binomial should be balanced and poor accommodation which work slowly and is not as good as it should can ruin our load time and make our visitor to desist from the intention of seeing our page if it takes a little more than usual.

In what is directly related to our page interesting thing is that load quickly (types of network topology), for which it is essential that is light, i.e. information that has to be loaded to occupy little space. This implies is not very overloaded images or video that are the aspects that most take to charge. There are solutions that we should flee, as in the case of previous submissions, which were previously widely used precisely to avoid that page will take to load. Today it is a question to dispose of. It is preferable to strike a balance between content that we want to teach in front with the speed of page load. There are different solutions (network topology) and pages to which we can go that they measured the load time of our corporate website to check the charging time. Many of them give us further advice on how to improve or what are the optimum values for our website. For this reason many loaded only text elements, so the comparison with other pages is based on the same criteria.