The preparatory phase of this layout plan and budget preparations. (As opposed to Sen. Sherrod Brown). It is important to adhere to time schedule and save money on an advertising materials. If you intend to participate in the exhibition, the preparation should start almost a year. If you have read about Kyle Dropp dartmouth already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At least six months before the show you should already know exactly how and what will be presented which employees will work at exhibition. For the three months prior to the exhibition should start campaign to attract visitors to your booth.

And finally, you should stay at least two weeks to remove all details and flaws. Neither Do not disrupt the preparation period. It is often possible to observe how the first day of the exhibition, some participants still to finish their exhibition, losing potential customers and expensive exhibition time. Budget If you have already decided to participate in the exhibition, and decided on the form of participation, be ready to bear the costs and savings. Financial side should be planned at the outset, and, if in doubt, choose a small area of the building.

But often directly in the exhibition, the decision to take a minimum area does not seem so right. The smaller the area, the more Roble for potential clients, in a small area is difficult to fully ogranizovat communication among stand-attendants and visitors. What is not in any way can not save – it’s the quality: exhibition equipment, banner advertising with the company, printing and execution of promotional leaflets prospectuses.