All Studio projects must be justified on the basis of a vulnerable population to which has been called the social background. Seeks d thus incorporate social components since the beginning of the project and identify nodes and connections beforehand, so that there is not only to swell the size of the libraries. 1.3 Public goods for the purposes of this work and in order to better understand the responsibility of the State in matters of prevention and attention of disasters, I now turn to one of the most appropriate and basic concepts. There are some goods that, or are not supplied by the market or if they are, the amount supplied is insufficient. An example is a large scale national defense and another on a small scale, the AIDS to navigation (e.g.

buoys bright). These are called pure public goods, which have two properties. First, it costs nothing else more to enjoy its advantages. Formally, the fact that an additional individual to enjoy good, has a marginal or null cost. It costs no more defend a country of one million and one person defend one of a million.

The costs of a luminous buoy do not depend on the number of ships passing through nearby. Secondly, in general it is difficult or impossible that you enjoy not the public good. If we place a luminous buoy at a rocky area that our ships can sail without danger, it is difficult or impossible to prevent others to navigate through this area. If State policies in the field of urban planning and disaster prevention can minimize the risks against seismic movements, we all benefit; It is not possible to exclude any person from these benefits (string: 1999). The security of citizens and their property constitutes a public good. The State is responsible for providing security citizen through the development and requirement of the compliance by its partners, policies to protect their lives and their property.