Spanish Crown

Such fact takes in to believe them that the characteristics of autonomy and relative independence of the missions relation to the metropolis, had been felt since very early by the Jesuits, as well as for the proper guaranis, that did not have the contact with ' ' cacique' ' beyond sea. In this way the guaranis that had, in a first contact with the Jesuits been coed-opt for the cross, now were being legally incorporated the weapons of the whites. ' ' Thus the guaranis of the reductions would have respect to the king (…), constructing blockhouses and defending territrio.' ' (URBIM, 1990:10). The SEVEN PEOPLES IN the WAY OF the INTERESTS OF CENTURY XVIII a materialize time ' ' dream of misses' ' , first for will of the Jesuits the service of the Spanish Crown. at as a moment for the acceptance of guarani the life of the reductions, that had to this process finished for the imposition ' ' disfarada' ' , creating for itself a mythical explanation and of identification for the understanding of the world its return. For the didactic tactics it can be said, applied for the Jesuits in a conjunctural process that was the reduction, made to seem that the missioneiro jesutico project was the most perfect social process, economic and politician of administration in the new world. will be that it was not? It could not have been? Well of any form this growth and prominence that started if to augment of the power of the Company of Jesus, to be able enter them of the two crowns seem not to have pleased nor Spain and nor Portugal. We can consider that interests of both the sides, had not led in account that the end of the Missions, did not mean only the end of the works of catequese of the Company of Jesus.