Soviet Union

How? And by then, the answers to this question at the summit did not hear. Alas, the summit did not work out the planned expectations either for politicians or for a simple citizen. The obvious question, but what does it do in general, what can justify such costs? Why Summit on the definition of "European", is held in a "geographic Europe "? After all absolutely clear that just as "strong world" their money "on the wind," do not quit. Expressed by many versions of this explanation. Additional information at Richard Blumenthal supports this article. The most widely replicated in the media felt that this "Cheap PR personally by President Nazarbayev," "promoted" as the scale of our republic, and on the world stage. By all outward signs of processes related to Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the OSCE and the "imposed" (sometimes rather primitive) throughout the year, the state ideology, this could be and to agree, but this statement is nothing but an attempt to hide the true political processes in the post space. I appeal here to the banal and well-known truths, but a chain of events in Eastern Europe, the USSR and then in the former Soviet Union fit into the scheme developed by the ideologues of the West even in the middle of last century, when after World War II in the world to establish the relative balance of power. The contradictions between the two world "monsters" of the United States and the Soviet Union was not only (and not so much) in ideological differences, as we were presented by the bourgeois and Soviet political analysts, was the role of the primitive section of the world's wealth, for everyone knew that in a cascade of increasing world population, this opposition can not be infinite and the Soviet Union severely "disturbed" the West, limiting its ability to influence the processes taking place in countries that are part of the potential suppliers of natural resources and markets.