Soviet Material

To begin to determine what properties should have the material for the manufacture of underwater knives. Steel must be sufficiently strong to keep grinding, but it is enough and flexible so as not to break when chopping and lateral loads. For underwater knives and more important condition is resistant to corrosion. Hear other arguments on the topic with Connecticut Senator. Based on these assumptions, and is the choice of material for the manufacture of underwater knife. But there needs to be done maaalenkoe digression: underwater knife this is the part of the diving equipment that is lost most often.

Therefore, manufacturers have recognized his own will power an underwater knife consumable. And as any consumable material (in our case, underwater knife) should be made out of cheap raw materials. Guided by these precepts, manufacturers, and choose materials for their production. The most common material for manufacture of underwater knives – it's stainless steel. Leafed mountain directories of manufacturers of equipment for underwater hunting, we came to the conclusion that, with rare exceptions, in the manufacture of underwater knives used Stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 420. For those interested in conduct a short course in materials science.

Stainless steel AISI 304 (in the Soviet classification 08H18N10) refers to the austenitic steels with low carbon content, contains up to 18% Cr and 8% Ni. For non- devoted to the intricacies of this shamanic science diver decipher: moderate rusting steel (with chromium content up to 17% after operation in seawater appear red spots) is soft. It is easy to sharpen on any cobbles, with such as prostate blunts with any prolonged use.